Daily maintenance check record of bending machine

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Daily maintenance check record of bending machine

CNC bending machine is the basic equipment of sheet metal processing, is also the most common kind of general equipment, the use of large, then the mechanical equipment in the long-term use of such and such problems will appear, Xiaobian summed up for you the hydraulic bending machine is most likely to appear part of the problem, and its solution.For your reference.


(1) the damping hole is blocked, and the system has no main pressure relief valve failure.Improper adjustment, spring break, valve core cone sealing is not good or the valve core stuck.Clean, grind, adjust, overhaul or replace the overflow valve.Solenoid directional valve has a fault, the valve heart stuck.Clean, grind or replace the slide valve.

(2) the slider does not act but can rely on its own weight downward axial piston pump can not supply pressure oil: oil bar lack;Overhaul start button, motor failed to start.AC contactors and thermal relays and motors;If the piston pump itself fails, disassemble or replace the piston pump.

(3) main oil line overflow valve failure.It may be damper hole blocking improper adjustment, spring break or valve heart rust stuck dead.The overflow valve needs to be adjusted, serviced or replaced.


(4) the slider is not parallel to screw the handwheel of the air relief valve to deflate, and the air in the cylinder is balanced.After filling oil and expelling air, loosen the discharge valve.

(5) there is leakage of the vent valve. Disassemble and check the seal on the cone of the vent valve, repair or replace the vent valve.

(6) the check valve has internal leakage, dismantling check the check valve cone sealing surface, grinding cone sealing surface with line contact is better or replace the check valve.

(7) bending machine balance cylinder piston rod head inclined iron fastening screw loose, check and firm piston rod head inclined iron strong screw.


2 CNC bending machine maintenance methods

(1) the slider can not go down the electromagnetic reversing valve can not be reversed.Repair or replace loose housing fixing screws.Check the circuit check and tighten;The reversing valve core is stuck.Clean, grind or replace the slide valve.

(2) one-way throttle valve core stuck or closed dead maintenance and cleaning.

(3) the slider can only be repaired or replaced by fixing screws on the tightening shell.Solenoid directional valve cannot be reversed.The valve core is stuck.Clean and grind or replace the slide valve;Inaction or loose housing fixing screw.Check the circuit.

(4) hydraulic control check valve valve core stuck.Maintenance, hydraulic control check valve can not be opened.Clean or replace.

(5) Maybe the spring is adjusted loosely.Tighten the hand wheel of the pressure relay clockwise. The pressure relay is out of order.Tighten the spring.

(6) the piston cylinder piston sealing ring is seriously worn.Replace the sealing ring.


The use of CNC bending machine should pay attention to what problems using CNC bending machine must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, CNC bending machine processing matters needing attention is: should pay attention to the processing of the lean mode and in various lean processing mode after the rule in the processing of the operation mode, such as:

(1) in the mold is installed when bending, after the rule needs to pull back, in order to prevent the workpiece in the process of bending deformation;(2) large workpiece internal bending, because the shape of the workpiece is large, and the bending area is small, so that the cutter and the bending area is difficult to overlap, resulting in the positioning of the bending workpiece is difficult or the damage of the bending workpiece;

(2) In order to avoid the above situation, a certain point can be added in the longitudinal direction of the processing, so that the positioning of the processing from two directions is convenient, and to avoid the damage of the workpiece. This processing method improves the safety of the processing, and improves the production efficiency.

(3) shape bending matters of note is: in the bending of small size, we should pay attention to whether the bending die and after the interference (each tool of the interference range is not the same).

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