Daily maintenance of ​4000W Laser cutting machine equipment

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Daily maintenance of ​4000W Laser cutting machine equipment

4000W Laser cutting machine equipment precision, so in the operation must pay attention to maintenance, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance can increase the service life of equipment, save costs, create greater benefits. Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise that specializes in r & D and production of industrial laser cutting machine. It is one of the first high-tech enterprises introduced in wuxi New Area machine photoelectric science and Technology Industrial Park. The company has a standardized workshop of 10,000 square meters.

Lubrication Oil

One, the replacement of water and water tank cleaning

(Suggestion: Clean the water tank and replace the circulating water once a week)

Note: the laser tube must be filled with circulating water when the machine works.

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The water quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use pure water and control the water temperature below 35℃. If the temperature exceeds 35℃, the circulating water should be replaced, or ice should be added to the water to reduce the water temperature. Manufacturer of optical fiber laser cutting machine of switchboard, (it is recommended that users choose coolers, or use two water tanks).

JPT Laser Power

Cleaning water tank: first turn off the power, unplug the water inlet pipe, let the water in the laser pipe automatically into the water tank, open the water tank, remove the pump, the dirt on the pump. Clean the water tank, replace the circulating water, restore the water pump back to the water tank, insert the water pipe connecting the water pump into the water inlet, and tidy up the joints. Energize the pump separately and run it for 2-3 minutes (to fill the laser tube with circulating water).

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