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The new generation DA-Touch controls offers an even higher grade of efficiency in programming, operation and control of today’s press brakes. Ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand, improving productivity. The touch screen gives access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. Functions are directly located where you need them, offering optimised ergonomics throughout the application.

The DA-69T offers 2D as well as 3D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling.

Highly effective control algorithms optimise the machine cycle and minimise set-up time. This makes using press brakes easier, more efficient and more versatile then ever. The OEM-panel located above the screen, reserved for machine functions and OEM-application switches, is integrated in the design and can be used depending the required application.

DA-69T features

  • 3D and 2D graphical touch screen programming mode

  • 3D visualisation in simulation and

  • 17″ high resolution colour TFT

  • Full Windows application suite

  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)

  • USB, peripheral interfacing

  • User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment

  • Sensor bending & correction interface


• Colour LCD display
• 17” TFT, high brightness
• 1280 x 1024 pixels, 16 bit colour
• Full touch screen control (IR-touch)
• Memory capacity 1 GB
• Product and tools memory 256MB
• 3D graphics acceleration
• Standard Windows® networking
• 2nd HSB Modusys bus
• Emergency switch
• Integrated OEM-panel
• USB flash memory drive

Field option

• Part support control
• X1-X2 angle programming
• Barcode reader interfacing
• Protractor interfacing
• Frame deflection compensation
• Sensor bending & correction interfacing
• Sheet thickness measurement and
   compensation system

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