Design and development characteristics of nitrogen return cylinder, CAM mechanism organization and circuit of CNC plate shearing machine of hydraulic system

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Design and development characteristics of nitrogen return cylinder, CAM mechanism organization and circuit of CNC plate shearing machine of hydraulic system

Hydraulic CNC shearing machine is a set of hydraulic technology system and numerical control management system function in one of the equipment, compared to the traditional single CNC shearing machine or hydraulic shearing machine, its work and life will be more safe and stable. Die forging hydraulic press introduced the world advanced technology production series of products. The hot die forging press state machine in automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines, ships, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, hardware tools, such as manufacturing, used for bulk lots of black and non-ferrous metal die forging and finish forging, forged forgings with high precision, high material utilization ratio, high productivity, easy to realize automation, low technical requirements to the operation of the workers, As a result, it is widely used in modern forging production. It is an indispensable high precision forging equipment in modern forging production. Numerical control shears with numbers, words and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve a shears or more shears equipment action control technology. CNC shearing machine is generally used in general or special computer digital program control, it is usually controlled by position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and mechanical energy flow related to the switch quantity. Nc shearing machine depends on the emergence of data carrier and binary form of data operation. The hydraulic press is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic system, a cooling system, a pressurized oil cylinder, a upper die and a lower die. The pressure cylinder is installed on the upper end of the frame and connected with the upper die, and the cooling system is connected with the upper die and the lower die. It is characterized in that the lower end of the frame is provided with a mobile working table and a mobile cylinder connected with the mobile working table, and the lower die is arranged on the mobile working table. Do not say anything else, on the hydraulic CNC shears of nitrogen return cylinder, CAM organization development and related research circuit enterprises have different characteristics.

shearing blade

Compared with similar equipment, the characteristics of the nitrogen return cylinder of the hydraulic CNC plate shears are in a smaller space, which can produce a larger initial elastic pressure. Therefore, the whole stroke of the plate shears operation does not need to pre-tighten and elastic pressure, which is basically kept constant.

Hydraulic CNC cutting nitrogen reset cylinder is actually a good sealing performance of the piston cylinder, cylinder, piston, seals and other components, and copper ball head, the main part of the cylinder, rubber integrated connection pipe. When the reset cylinder NC cutting nitrogen in the hydraulic nitrogen is compressed, when the hydraulic shear NC cutting edge to complete the reset push frame reset nitrogen to complete the reset cylinder piston operation.

electrical parts

Then look at the characteristics of the HYDRAULIC CNC plate shearing machine in the CAM organization, the good thing is that it can be selected according to the law of motion development from the electric push rod moving parts to choose a scale of organization and determine the outline of the CAM line; And needs further improvement is its bearing capacity, because of the CAM organization students usually is mainly used in the control group, rather than technology applied to perform management organization, so for the working environment pressure is too big, we can not live without otherwise it will cause severe wear of the CAM and the push rod, which can lead to can't guarantee the stability of the hydraulic CNC shearing machine.

backside of the machine

In addition, the hydraulic CNC shearing machine circuit also has its unique side, mainly divided into three aspects, namely the scissors circuit, press the switch circuit. Because of the hydraulic CNC shearing machine scissors have two kinds of movement, start the scissors mechanism of the circuit should also be positive, negative rotation..

When the hydraulic CNC cutting link is in the feed, the feed motor drives the belt in one direction, so it only needs to rotate its motor in one direction; When it enters the roll gap stage, there are two types of up and down motion, which require a compact circuit with forward and reverse motion.


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