Design of control device for cutting tool deformation adjustment of shearing machine 10x6000

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Design of control device for cutting tool deformation adjustment of shearing machine 10x6000

Shearing machine 10x6000 in shear processing, plate shears shear stress in sheet metal edge of the plate, up and down, and the shear stress and shear elastic plastic deformation before and after, and many other factors, makes the edge line straightness probably isn't required, and the cutting tool deformation is the main factor that influence on the edge of the sheet metal shear, therefore adjusted to the tool deformation. The adjustment method of tool deformation is to control the change of tool edge curve by jacking and pulling back the jacking bolt connecting the tool. At present, most of the enterprises of the shearing machine tool deformation adjustment is manually adjusted, especially the super large shearing machine because of the longer tool is more, the cost and difficulty of adjustment will increase exponentially. Such as 15m wide shearing machine top pull adjusting bolt adjustment point in more than 200, skilled workers adjust the time is generally more than 300min.


Control device structure and working principle of plate shearing machine:

1. Structure and composition of tool deformation control device

The tool deformation control device takes PLC as the control core, and the servo motor is the main executive component. The whole control device is built up with displacement sensor, encoder, photoelectric switch, button, alarm lamp, indicator light and other auxiliary components.

At work, the control device through the car body drive servo motor to move the whole car mechanism, the displacement sensor to determine the car to the corresponding position, and then feed into the mechanism servo motor control wrench expansion, wrench mechanism servo motor and encoder control wrench adjustment tool deformation. In this way, as long as the position and size of the tool deformation need to be adjusted, the control device can automatically and quickly complete the change of the tool deformation, improve the efficiency and precision of adjustment.

2, tool deformation adjustment actuator

Tool deformation adjustment actuator, the actuator on the job, by the motor drive the car forward or backward, makes the adjustment tool wrench to adjust the location of the deformation, and then through the spanner adjustable mechanism makes the wrench and top adjustment bolt mesh, control wrench positive &negative and rotation Angle, rotating the top adjusting bolt, the deformation regulation implementation tools.

3, the tool deformation automatically adjust the working process

Automatic adjustment of tool deformation can be divided into two steps.

(1) Running of the car: at the beginning of adjustment, THE CPU will obtain the running distance required by the car in the memory unit in the next step and convert the running Angle required by the servo motor. Then drive the servo motor, the servo motor will return to the position signal, waiting for the feeding mechanism and wrench mechanism to complete the adjustment of the signal.

(2) Wrench adjustment tool deformation: in the process of adjustment, after the wrench feeding mechanism is completed, the wrench needs to do some movement until the sleeve and the pull adjusting bolt meshing. In the program, two timers are used to control each other to output a square wave with a period of 400ms, so that the spanner servo motor can control the rotation of the sleeve.

Hydraulic shearer single working cycle of the main action process: boot - clamping block and tool back to the initial position - feeding - clamping sheet - shearing sheet - loaded into the finished skip - clamping block and tool back to the initial position. The working and driving process of each action: start the hydraulic system and increase the pressure to the working pressure, clamp the pressure block and the cutter back to the initial position. Start the feeder and transport the material plate. When the material plate is delivered to the specified length, the material plate is pressed down and the material is delivered to the place of the travel switch. After the signal is sent, the feeder stops feeding, and the pressing block drops and clamps the sheet. When the pressing block drops and clamps in place, the pressing block stops falling. Then the shear tool in the scissors hydraulic cylinder drive down and cut the sheet material, the sheet material is cut down into the finished material car, plate falling process pressure into the car travel switch. The shear tool and the block rise back to their initial positions, respectively. That is to complete an automatic work cycle, and then the system automatically repeat the process, to achieve automatic control of the working process of the shearing machine.

Hydraulic plate shearing machine is one of the key auxiliary equipment in mechanical production. It is controlled by programmable controller, which dispenses with solid electronic devices such as relays, simplifies complex hardware wiring lines, and makes the control flexible and functional expansion. At the same time, the programmable controller has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable operation, simple operation, convenient adjustment, intuitive display, automatic protection, etc. According to the material, thickness and shear length of the sheet material to be cut, automatically complete the adjustment of shear Angle, shear stroke, blade clearance and rear stop material; Can be equipped with front feeding system or rear feeding device, set feeding, unloading in one, effectively improve the degree of equipment automation.

PLC controlled hydraulic plate shearing machine system has the advantages of large power, practical, economic, easy to transform, widely used. Hydraulic cylinder as the executive element, clamping force is large, shear power is also large, the system for sheet shear performance. The system adopts variable pump to supply oil, return oil throttling speed regulation, energy utilization is reasonable. At the same time, the vertical hydraulic cylinder is provided with a balance loop and a locking loop, safe and reliable work. Automatic control system uses PLC as the main control part, high degree of automation, PLC simplifies the electronic control system, simple and compact structure, compact size, and can be directly installed in the scene of the operating table, convenient debugging and maintenance, more convenient for function expansion. After installation and debugging, the whole machine runs well, the size of the sheet material tends to be the same, and the automation of the shearing process is realized, and the efficiency of the production line is effectively improved.

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