Detailed accessories for cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting

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Detailed accessories for cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting

Users who choose metal fiber laser cutting machine all know that the laser is a very important part of the machine, but also the more expensive part of the machine. And the laser power set span is relatively large, are generally several hundred to several thousand is common power, sometimes even up to ten thousand watts level. Generally used to cut metal materials laser cutting machine, at least to 500W start, now on the market kilowatt level of laser for the mainstream, ten thousand watt level of laser for a very few industry demand, not common. The choice of laser is generally domestic and imported, imported laser is expensive, but foreign laser equipment started early, technology is quite mature. Domestic laser price is relatively cheap, the performance can also meet the production requirements, look at the personal budget, in addition, the metal laser cutting machine on the purchase of these accessories is the need to pay special attention to.

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1. Software system cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting

Software system can be said to be the brain of laser equipment, its quality is an important aspect that affects the use experience of the equipment, whether it can be very compatible with hardware, and the use value of doing large and large, all depend on the "brain".

2. Optical instruments

Optical devices are the core of laser cutting machine, if you can not produce light, laser equipment will lose its due value, optical fiber laser cutting machine more optical components, each piece of lens should ensure its quality.

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3. Consumable accessories

Consumable accessories although not much, but also an important part, and the laser complementary to complete the work of cutting metal, such as water cooler, nitrogen and oxygen gas.

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