DMP1500*3200 CNC Vertical V Grooving Machine

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DMP1500*3200 CNC Vertical V Grooving Machine

Features: Ordinary bending processing leaves a larger arc at the bend, and the thicker the processed sheet, the larger the arc. The existence of large arc angles affects the overall appearance of the product. To solve this problem, our company has launched a series of CNC sheet metal V-groove planers with a new design concept. This series of products have high processing precision, easy operation, stable and reliable operation. It is used for V-groove processing on stainless steel, ordinary iron plates, copper and other plates, and is especially suitable for V-groove processing before sheet metal bending.


The machine body is welded with all steel, after annealing and heat treatment, the internal stress is removed, and it has extremely high strength . Using Abel's CNC system, the technology is mature and the products are reliable. . The electrical appliances all adopt the original products of French Schneider, one of the world's three largest electrical appliances manufacturers, to ensure the service life and stability of the circuit. . Taiwan Yuken’s hydraulic control system is fully automated for pressing and releasing the pressing plate and jaws, and the pressure is stable and reliable. . Servo motor feeds with high precision and reliability, up to 0.01mm. . The servo motor controls the tool post and the feeding device to ensure precise planing and positioning. . The touch screen is used for quick and clear command input. . The traditional nut screw drive is changed to imported refined alloy steel rack and pinion transmission, which has lower noise, easier maintenance, lower failure rate and more stable operation. . The automatic spray method cools the cutters and improves the service life of the cutters.

DMP1500*3200 CNC Vertical V Grooving Machine Description of Main Components :

1. Blade

The tool holder uses a servo motor, which has a large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.


2. Servo Motor

drive systems can be combined with motion control solutions provided by automation control software. drive system is more suitable for highly dynamic multi-axis motion drive.


3. Machine body

The fuselage is clamped once in steel after welding and processed by the CNC pentahedron machining center as a whole. The internal stress is eliminated by heat treatment and annealing to ensure extremely high rigidity and machining accuracy


4. Schneider Electrical

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