Do a good job of Hydraulic Press Brake Machine out of the warehouse before the detection work?

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Do a good job of Hydraulic Press Brake Machine out of the warehouse before the detection work?

Hydraulic Press Brake Machine is mainly composed of slider part, table part, synchronous system and retaining mechanism, is currently in mechanical bending in the most widely used a kind of equipment. CNC bending machine must do the corresponding debugging work before use, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine, that after debugging how to correctly control CNC bending machine? This article will lead you to take a look at this problem.

1. The first step is to switch on the power supply and turn on the switch on the control panel. The next step is to start the oil pump.

2, stroke adjustment, the use of hydraulic bending machine must pay attention to the adjustment of stroke, must be tested before bending. Bending machine die down to the bottom must ensure that there is a plate thickness clearance. Otherwise, the mold and the machine will be damaged.Stroke adjustment is also electric quick adjustment and manual stomach adjustment.

3, the adjustment of the rear stopper can be determined according to the actual needs of the situation to use electric mode or manual mode.

4, step on the foot switch to start bending, CNC bending machine and CNC shearing machine is different, can be loosened at any time, loosen the foot hydraulic bending machine will stop, continue to step down.


This machine adopts steel plate welding structure, with good strength and stiffness. The mechanical part works stably, safely and reliably. The hydraulic transmission system adopts well-known brands to ensure the quality and stable performance. The external control panel is compact and simple. With intelligent digital display or NUMERICAL control system, users only need to be equipped with a variety of different molds and simple Settings, can achieve different bending requirements of the workpiece. This machine is widely used in automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, electronics, light industry, decoration industry sheet metal bending forming. Performance and features:

Welded steel plate structure, vibration to eliminate internal stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity, hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable;

Mechanical baffle, synchronous torsion shaft, high precision;


The distance of the rear stopper and the stroke of the upper slide block are electrically adjusted, manually adjusted and digitally displayed.

1. The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism. Machine tools over 250 tons and length over 4000mm can use the lower deflection compensation mechanism.

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