Do you know that CNC bending machines can be used in combination with laser machining system technology?

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Do you know that CNC bending machines can be used in combination with laser machining system technology?

CNC bending machine, plastic sheet bending plastic bending directly, without joining together, without slot, don't need a electrode, the Angle of the appearance it hold water, it will be hand soldered into a fully automatic machine operation, improve the quality of the improved labor efficiency, reduce the labor cost, shorten the production cycle of products. H mold, its structure is very different from the previous two, it is a lever structure, generally used for large tonnage CNC bending machine mold, through the principle of lever amplification, the force amplification. The main characteristics of the die bed: steel plate welding structure, vibration aging to eliminate stress, the machine has a very good rigidity and stability, the rigidity of the whole frame is good, the work is stable, safe and reliable, easy to operate, through the CNC bending machine die CNC system and hydraulic system coordination control, to achieve the desired bending effect

The main part and structure of CNC bending machine

1, slide block part: hydraulic transmission, the slide block part is composed of slide block, oil cylinder and mechanical block fine tuning structure. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) drives the slide block to move up and down through hydraulic pressure. The mechanical block is controlled and adjusted by the NUMERICAL control system.

2, the table part: operated by the button box, so that the motor drives the stopper frame to move before and after, and controlled by the NUMERICAL control system to move the distance, its reading is 0.01 mm (there are travel switch limit before and after position).

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3, synchronization system: the machine is composed of torsion shaft, swing arm, joint bearing and other mechanical synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, high synchronization accuracy. The mechanical block is adjusted by the motor and the numerical control system controls the value.

4, stopper mechanism: stopper adopts motor drive, drives two screw synchronous movement through chain operation, numerical control system controls the size of stopper.

The combination of CNC bending machine and laser processing system technology can constitute efficient automatic processing equipment, for high quality, high efficiency and low cost of processing production has opened up a broad prospect. Using crystal glass handicraft carving in part to light has strong reflection, refraction, and the blank part of the light has better performance of optical principle, fully by the micro control circuit according to the principle of three base color palette, each control several kinds of color the lamp, mixed color on the "eagle" icon, change by a multitude of group of beautiful colour, Thus, the white interior carving image of the tableland presents a colorful and dazzling effect.

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Five, the main structure of machine tools

The machine consists of a frame, a slider, a worktable, an oil cylinder, a hydraulic proportional servo system, a position detection system, a numerical control system and an electrical system.

The transmission structure of the machine is upward moving design:

1. The mechanical structure of the machine is mainly composed of frame, table, slide block, main cylinder, and rear stopper. Perfect design and manufacturing process can effectively ensure the accuracy of machine tool manufacturing and use. Manufacturing process of main components:

Purchasing and warehousing of steel plate → physical and chemical inspection → pretreatment of steel plate surface (anti-rust treatment) → CNC flame cutting cutting → cutting welding joint surface → assembly welding → gas protection welding → vibration aging treatment → large floor milling and boring machine, large gantry milling machine and other mechanical processes → assembling finished products;

2, the frame adopts the frame structure, the whole steel welding structure, through normalizing and high-frequency vibration aging to eliminate the internal stress, ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool, has excellent stiffness, has excellent anti-distortion, anti-tilt ability. Thickened work plate, thickened slider, so that the machine has a high rigidity, so when bending slider, table deformation is very small, the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency.


◆ Adopt large floor boring and milling machine, with the whole processing method, for precision machining, to ensure the overall machining accuracy of machine tools.

◆ Through two cylinders to control the slider up and down movement. Sliding block synchronization mechanism adopts NUMERICAL control electro-hydraulic servo control synchronization, stable and reliable.

◆ The use of Dutch DELEM bending machine special NUMERICAL control system, to control the Y axis (that is, slider up and down movement).

Display the present and target positions of X, Y and V axes.

◆ Manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode.

◆ The rear stopper has the function of automatic retracting and delaying action.

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◆ High performance servo motor, precision ball screw and linear guide rail are used for rear stopper to drive X axis.

Positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, reliable guarantee.

Six, hydraulic system

The machine hydraulic system and hydraulic components are imported from Germany Rexroth system, hydraulic system is specially developed for CNC bending machine.

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