Do you know the operation steps of the nc hydraulic press brake?

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Do you know the operation steps of the nc hydraulic press brake?

Many production workshops are using the nc hydraulic press brake, but do you know the steps of the safety specification when using the bending machine?In the actual use of the process and need to pay attention to what problems?Today, I will briefly introduce the specific use method and matters needing attention of the hydraulic press brake for you. I hope it is useful for you.

First of all, turn on the power of our bending machine, and then start the oil pump. After the completion of this series of operations, the oil pump will start its work.The machine does not need to move.

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Secondly, travel adjustment: the bending machine to the bottom, to ensure that a certain distance, if not to leave a distance, will cause damage to the machine.Adjustment can be electric adjustment, can also be manually adjusted.But the use of the bending machine must pay attention to travel adjustment.

Finally, the choice of the bending machine notch: generally to choose the thickness of the notch plate length and width has a multiple relationship.Such as bending 4 mm sheet material, you need about 32 mm of the bending machine under the mold V notch.The rear stopper can be adjusted by electric or manual adjustment.

When the bending machine is used, it can only be bent after opening the foot switch. It can be loosened or stopped at any time. After stepping on it, it can continue to descend.That is to say, the downward bending machine can be controlled at any time.Therefore, the operation of the bending machine is more convenient, which is not a difficult thing for people. Through the correct use, the bending machine can be better maintained, so that the bending machine can have a longer life.


Through the above introduction of the use of the bending machine, we should know a lot about the bending machine, usually use should also pay more attention to its maintenance, in order to use for a longer time.

Now is the mechanization era, the company or the factory in the machine equipment is also more and more, in order to improve the efficiency of our machine, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost of the machine, each company needs to develop some effective maintenance rules, of course, electro-hydraulic numerical control bending machine can not escape.So we should pay attention to what matters in the use of electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine, the following are some rules:

First, when we use the machine to regular fixed point maintenance, to ensure the normal operation.

Two. When the electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine is in use, it needs to open the switch of the control panel, adjust the distance of the trip, and then put it into production normally after trial operation.

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Three, regular of electric hydraulic CNC bending machine injection of lubricating oil, and check the oil level of gas per week, timely supplement hydraulic oil, and to ensure that the hydraulic oil clean, prohibit any impurities into the fuel tank, regular cleaning to replace the filter on the electric hydraulic CNC bending machine, and check whether there is any abnormal situation on the machine, if there is a loose switch or device such as screws.

4. Operators must strictly abide by the safe operation regulations of CNC bending machine tools, and wear labor protection equipment as required.

5. When the machine is running, do not put your hands or body into the machine to check the bending of the workpiece, and do not stand behind the machine

6. Conduct regular personnel training to prevent personnel casualties.

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