Do you know why optical fiber laser cutting machine often clean up dust?

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Do you know why optical fiber laser cutting machine often clean up dust?

Usually when we choose fiber laser cutting machine, if dust occurs in the process of use, it should be cleaned up in time. If there is no timely cleaning, it will lead to a variety of failures in the process of our use. Why is there a certain timing for fiber laser cutting machine cleaning it? The following xiaobian will give you answers.

Do you know why optical fiber laser cutting machine often clean up dust

First of all, you need to know that cleanliness is very important for the development of an enterprise, especially for one of our precision instruments. With the continuous improvement of social and economic strength, more and more people in the process of choosing different companies to cooperate will certainly appear a variety of problems about our cutting process need to know. You should also know that problems can reduce customer confidence in the company, and a responsible business should clean up the dust of the equipment in a timely manner so that each of us can use the machine in a more decent way.


Second, when we choose fiber laser cutting machine focus on product cleaning. In fact, in order to ensure that the machine in our processing process, to provide themselves with a more stable way to processing operations. For all kinds of articles, the fear is that I do not know where the setting is wrong. In fact, it is possible to say that the machine error caused by dust. With the development of The Times, more and more people in the level of scientific and technological development will make the standard of precision instruments to another level. If our cutting machine is in a higher grade, it should be cleaned up in time otherwise the garbage left will also lead to the damage of the product becomes more and more serious.

No matter what kind of machine has to prevent the damage of dust, so we should know how to choose some careful ways to maintain the product, to ensure that we do not have any problems in the process of using equipment for material processing. For this kind of machine cleaning different situation we use two different criteria to analyze the market.

I believe many people have played a game when they were young, that is to use a magnifying glass and the heat of the sun to ignite paper or leaves, we all know that at this time must adjust the appropriate focal length to maximize the use of the energy of the sun to ignite items. Similarly, metal laser cutting machine in the cutting operation, the quality of different focal length cutting will also have a certain difference. Therefore, in order to improve the cutting quality of metal laser cutting machine, reasonable adjustment of the focal length of fiber laser cutting machine is a very important thing. So how should the focal length of laser cutting machine be adjusted? The following xiaobian will take you to understand.

Tube cutter

When the focus of metal laser cutting machine is in a better position, small slit and high efficiency can obtain better cutting results. Different laser focus position corresponds to different cutting surface roughness, laser cutting machine cutting quality optimization of the focus position adjustment is determined from the cutting focus in the cutting material, several focal length adjustment commonly used:

1. Negative focal length

Negative focal length (the cutting focus is on the cutting material) is mainly used when cutting thick metal plates.

Negative focal length cutting thick plate needs large cutting amplitude, lead to the nozzle to transport insufficient oxygen and make the cutting temperature drop, the cutting surface is relatively rough, not suitable for high precision precision cutting.

2, internal negative focal length

Internal negative focal length (the cutting focus is located inside the cutting material) is usually applied to fiber laser cutting machines in cutting materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

According to the focus principle of cutting surface, the relative cutting point on the workpiece surface is large, and in this mode, the use of fiber laser cutting machine to cut the airflow is large, the temperature is high, the cutting perforation time is slightly longer.

So this kind of cutting is mainly used in cutting aluminum or stainless steel and other materials with high hardness.

3, 0 focal length

0 focal length (the cutting focus is on the surface of the cutting material) is usually used when cutting SS41, SPH, SPC and other materials.

0 focal length cutting focus is close to the workpiece surface, due to the cutting surface of the upper and lower smoothness is not the same, so when cutting the upper surface of the cutting is relatively smooth, and the lower surface is relatively rough.

These cutting focus positioning methods need to be based on the actual situation of the upper and lower surface process requirements. It is very important to determine the focus position of fiber laser cutting machine according to the actual situation. The reasonable focus position can maximize the use of laser energy, so that the metal laser cutting machine can work more reasonably.

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