DPW-1000W/1500W Fiber Laser Welding Machine operation and Main Components

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DPW-1000W/1500W Fiber Laser Welding Machine operation and Main Components

In the eyes of many old users, the operation of the DPW-1000W/1500W  Fiber Laser Welding Machine may be very simple. Indeed, compared to the traditional sheet metal processing technology, the function of the Fiber Laser Welding Machine  is to simplify the processing flow and subtract the processing method. The operation method is simple, and the startup and shutdown actions are even more simple actions that novice users think, but the correct operation method and good operating habits can effectively reduce equipment failures due to incorrect operation, and extend the service life and stability of the equipment.

So, what is the correct operation method for starting and shutting down the laser cutting machine?


Boot operation:

1. Check that there are no obstacles in the operating range of the machine tool before starting;

2. Turn on the main power switch and each branch control power switch;

3. Turn on the voltage regulator and check and run status;

4. Turn on the laser switch and adjust the laser air conditioner to a suitable temperature;

5. Turn on the air compressor 20 minutes after turning on the laser and check the operating status;

6. Open the air circuit control valve, turn on the refrigeration dryer and check its operating status and air pressure;

7. Open the cutting auxiliary gas control valve according to the cutting needs, and check whether the cutting auxiliary gas pressure is normal;

8. Turn on the machine tool power switch, press the power button to start the machine tool control system, and the machine tool will return to the origin after the control system starts normally;

9. After the fiber laser has been turned on and operated for more than 30 minutes, turn on the chiller and check whether the chiller is operating normally;

10. After the actual temperature of the high and low temperature water of the chiller reaches the set temperature ±1℃, the fiber laser will be applied with high voltage, and check whether the fiber laser is operating normally.

11. Turn on the exhaust fan or dust collector, check whether the operation of the exhaust fan or dust collector is normal, and the fiber laser cutting machine enters the state to be cut.

Shutdown operation:

1. Move the cutting head to the highest point, and stop the X\Y axis and the interchange table at a safe position;

2. Turn off the high and low voltage of the laser, turn off the main power of the laser after 3 minutes, and turn off the key switch;

3. Press the emergency stop button on the control panel and turn off the key switch to exit the CNC system. When the page prompts that you can turn off the power, then turn off the power of the main control cabinet of the machine tool;

4. Turn off the chiller and dryer;

5. Turn off the regulated power supply;

6. Turn off auxiliary gas;

7. Turn off the power of the air compressor and open the discharge valve of the air storage tank.

Metal pipes are widely used in aircraft manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobile industry, petrochemical, agricultural and animal husbandry machinery and other industries. Due to different application scenarios, parts of different shapes and sizes need to be processed to meet the needs of different industries. Laser processing technology is particularly suitable for processing various metal pipes. The tube laser cutting system has the characteristics of high flexibility and high automation, which can realize the production mode of different materials in small batches and multiple varieties. So what are the key technologies of the tube Laser Welding Machine system?

Light guide focusing system

The function of the light guide focusing system is to guide the light beam output by the laser generator to the cutting head of the focusing light path. For laser cutting pipes, in order to obtain high-quality slits, the focused spot diameter of the focused beam needs to be small and high power. This allows the laser generator to output low-order modes. When performing tube laser cutting, in order to obtain a smaller beam focus diameter, the order of the transverse mode of the laser should be small, preferably the fundamental mode. The cutting head of the Laser Welding Machine equipment is equipped with a focusing lens. After the laser beam is focused by the lens, a smaller focusing spot can be obtained, so that high-quality pipe cutting can be carried out.

Trajectory control of cutting head

In the pipe cutting, the processed pipe belongs to the space surface and the shape is relatively complicated. If the conventional method is used for programming, there will be certain difficulties. This requires the operator to select the correct processing path and appropriate reference point according to the processing requirements. Use the numerical control system to record the feed situation of each axis and the coordinate value of the reference point, and then use the space linear and circular interpolation function of the laser cutting system to record the coordinate value of the processing process and generate the processing program.

Automatic control of Laser Welding Machine focus position

How to control the focal position of Laser Welding Machine is an important factor affecting cutting quality. It is one of the key technologies for laser cutting pipes to make the vertical direction of the focal point relative to the surface of the workpiece unchanged through automatic measurement and control devices. Through the integration of the laser focus position control and the laser processing system linear axis (XYZ), the movement of the laser cutting head is lighter and more flexible, and the position of the focus point can be fully understood, avoiding the cutting head and cutting pipe during the processing process. Or other objects collide.

Influence of main process parameters

⑴ The influence of optical power.

For laser generators with continuous wave output, the size of the laser power will have an important impact on Laser Welding Machine. In theory, the greater the laser power of the laser cutting pipe equipment, the higher the cutting speed can be obtained, but combined with the characteristics of the pipe itself, the maximum cutting power is not the best choice. When the cutting power is increased, the mode of the laser itself also changes, which will affect the focus of the laser beam. In actual processing, we often choose to obtain the highest power density for the focus when it is less than the maximum power, so as to ensure the efficiency and cutting quality of the entire laser cutting.

⑵The influence of Welding speed.

When Laser Welding Machine pipes, you must ensure that the cutting speed is within a certain range to obtain better cutting quality. If the cutting speed is slow, excessive heat will accumulate on the surface of the pipe, the heat-affected zone becomes larger, the slit becomes wider, and the discharged hot melt material burns the surface of the incision, making the surface of the incision rough. When the cutting speed increases, the average slit width of the pipe circumference becomes smaller, and the smaller the diameter of the pipe being cut, the more obvious this effect. As the cutting speed increases, the laser action time shortens, the total energy absorbed by the pipe decreases, the temperature at the front end of the pipe decreases, and the slit width decreases. If the cutting speed is too fast, the pipe may not be cut through or cut continuously. Thereby affecting the overall cutting quality.

⑶The influence of pipe diameter.

When laser cutting pipes, the characteristics of the pipes themselves will also have a great influence on the processing process. For example, the diameter of a round pipe has a significant impact on the processing quality. Through the study of laser cutting thin-walled seamless steel pipes, it is found that the laser cutting pipe equipment keeps increasing the pipe diameter while all the process parameters remain unchanged. The width will continue to increase.

⑷ The type and pressure of auxiliary gas.

When cutting non-metal and some metal pipes, compressed air or inert gas (such as nitrogen) can be used as auxiliary gas, while for most metal pipes, active gas (such as oxygen) can be used. After determining the type of auxiliary gas, it is extremely important to determine the pressure of the auxiliary gas. When cutting pipes with a small pipe wall thickness at a higher speed, the auxiliary gas pressure should be increased to prevent slagging in the cut; when the cutting pipe wall thickness is large or the cutting speed is slow, the auxiliary gas should be appropriately reduced The pressure to prevent the pipe from cutting through or cutting continuously.

When laser cutting pipes, the position of the beam focus is also very important. When cutting, the focus position is generally on the surface of the cutting pipe. When the focus is in a better position, the slit is the smallest, the cutting efficiency is the highest, and the cutting effect is the best.

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