Durmapress cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting problem: how to solve the cutting discontinuity

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Durmapress cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting problem: how to solve the cutting discontinuity

When operating a Durmapress cnc 12kw fiber laser, it is inevitable that the cutting quality will be poor. We will introduce the common durmapress laser cutting problem: cutting discontinuity.

Improper programming may result in discontinuous template cutting. During the cutting process, the cutting head is very close to the workpiece surface. When cutting multiple parts of the steel plate, by default, the laser program will line and then cut to avoid collisions between the cutting head and the metal sheet being cut, which is not necessary for the cutting head and the machine tool. Damage. If the closed area is not closed when the laser program is programmed, part of the steel plate will be connected as a whole after cutting, and manual cutting will easily damage the template and lead to scrapping.

The gas exchange of auxiliary gas in laser cutting can also lead to cutting interruption. During the process, the auxiliary gas mainly blows molten metal out of the slit. When the auxiliary gas is used, the equipment automatically stops moving and then resumes operation after completing the gas replacement. Cutting, the cutting trajectory is slightly different from the stop trajectory, resulting in discontinuous cutting trajectory cnc 12kw fiber laser.


How to avoid cutting discontinuities

1. Solve the problem of laser cutting discontinuity. Causes of discontinuous cutting should be addressed. Designers are highly professional in cutting discontinuities caused by programming errors. In preparing the cutting procedure, careful checks should be made to avoid errors.

2. For the problem of discontinuous cutting caused by the replacement of auxiliary gas, after the accumulation of practical operation experience, the cutting speed should be reduced to 5% of the normal cutting speed when re-cutting the cylinder, and press the start button and the acceleration button to continue cutting.

3. When the laser cutting machine suddenly stops and restarts during the working process, the cutting point interface will be discontinuous. Therefore, in the actual work, it is necessary to operate strictly in accordance with the instructions, so as not to run the cutting machine because of the wrong operation.

Whether carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy materials, cutting trajectory can be achieved by these methods, and the workpiece is fully connected, with high precision and quality.

Durmapress laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, the product production cycle is short. Both simple and complex parts can be rapidly molded by laser. At the same time, it is easy to operate, low cost, good cutting effect. That's good, too. It is the fiber laser cutting machine has unique advantages, laser processing equipment has entered the road of rapid development. Thanks to the addition of laser cutting technology, China's sheet metal processing industry is getting better and better. Honglei laser is one of the earliest laser equipment technology development and manufacturing companies, its materials range from devices to vertical integration. With high brand awareness in the industry, research and development and design ability, the best manufacturing process, strict quality control, has become a domestic manufacturing laser equipment of the whole series of products, widely applicable, technology research and development ability to achieve domestic.. One of the professional laser equipment manufacturing companies, and provide customers with laser automation customized products.

At present, with the increasingly fierce competition in the durmapress laser cutting industry, how to improve efficiency? Cost reduction has become a concern for most users. Fiber laser cutting machine with cutting speed of? The material deformation is small, processing precision and other advantages, quickly become the mainstream of the market. The application of high power laser greatly improves the efficiency of laser processing. The final cutting speed of thin plate has been able to challenge the control limit of mechanical properties, and the cutting process of medium thick plate is also constantly breaking through.

Carbon steel is an iron carbon alloy, with a carbon content of 0.0218% ~ 2.11%, generally containing a small amount of silicon? Manganese? Sulfur? Phosphorus. Theoretically, the higher the carbon content of carbon steel, the greater the hardness, the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. So what are the advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine to cut carbon steel? What are the advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine for carbon steel?


Advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel:

A? Good cutting quality

Good cutting quality? Small incision? Small deformation? Smooth cut surface? The plane? Beautiful, without post-treatment;

B? Fast cutting speed

Continuous fast curve cutting function and. Short machining path optimization function, greatly improve work efficiency;

C? High stability

The output power of the device is stable, the service life of the laser is long and easy to maintain;

D? Powerful software

Free design of all kinds of graphics and text for real-time processing, flexible work, high efficiency, simple mechanical operation, convenient.

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