Durmapress four-roller plate winding machine -- Profile rolling arc winding durable intelligent equipment preferred

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Durmapress four-roller plate winding machine -- Profile rolling arc winding durable intelligent equipment preferred

Durmapress four-roller plate winding machine -- Profile rolling arc winding durable intelligent equipment preferred:

Four roller bending machine is metal sheet bending, correction machinery, dedicated to metal sheet forming bending work. The machine can prebend the end of the sheet and roll the cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces at one time. It can also rough shape the sheet metal. It is widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, bridge, hydropower, chemical industry, metal structure and machinery manufacturing and other industries.

The upper roller is the active roller, the lower roller and the side roller are the driven roller, and the rotation is driven by the friction force between the steel plate and each roller. The position of the upper roller is fixed and only rotates, not lifts and displaces. The lower roller and the side roller can move up and down by the left and right ends of the cylinder to move up and down. The turnover and reset of the front bearing body of the upper roll are carried out by the oil cylinder. Each roller bearing body and oil cylinder are mounted on the left and right ends of the frame.

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The left and right frame is the main body of the four-roller coiling machine. It adopts welding structure and is installed on the overall welding base. All operations are carried out on the operating table.

The four-roll plate rolling machine and symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine comparison, it can not use other equipment mold, direct bending plate end, and the remaining straight edge is smaller; Compared with asymmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine, it can roll into workpiece without turning the plate. Not only improve the efficiency, ensure the quality of the workpiece, and the process is simple, easy to operate, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Main drive mechanism of four-roller plate winding machine:

The upper roller of the four-roller bending machine is the main drive roller, and the hydraulic motor drives the roller shaft with a reduction device of a certain speed ratio, so that the roller shaft rotates at a linear speed of about 4 meters per minute, so as to complete the steel plate feeding and other actions.

Auxiliary mechanism of four-roller bending machine:

rolling machine 5

The lifting of the lower roller and the two sides of the roller, the dumping and reset of the inverted head, the above all adopt hydraulic transmission, the lower roller and the two ends of the side roller can lift at the same time, also can lift separately. The lifting position of both ends of the roller can be accurately displayed on the operating table.

Hydraulic system of four-roller plate winder:

The independent hydraulic pump station is composed of oil pump motor, hydraulic valve group and pipeline auxiliary parts. The motor drives the pump to output pressure oil. In order to ensure clean oil, an oil filter is provided at the oil port of the oil pump. The pressure oil from the oil pump first enters the pressure regulating system, adjusts the pressure, and then passes through the channel block and leads to the oil cylinder through the three-position four-way reversing valve.

Hydraulic pump station system production strictly in accordance with the national standard, line standard execution, reasonable layout. Fully consider high efficiency energy saving, reduce waste, reduce the source of heat. The system is independent, the proper connection point adopts professional sealant, prevent leakage, convenient maintenance.

Hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve are selected famous brand series, cylinder for professional hydraulic cylinder factory customized production of supporting products, simple pipeline layout, less leakage, convenient maintenance and debugging.


Each roller lifting synchronous system is controlled by PLC, through the hydraulic valve (solenoid valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control one-way valve) and displacement sensor detection feedback, automatic adjustment, synchronization precision is very high.

Electric control system of four-roller plate winder:

The electric control system consists of electric control cabinet, operation console and hand-held control box. The machine control appliances (including PLC) are installed in the power distribution cabinet. Touch screen display and operation, easy to operate. The main circuit adopts three-phase 380V/50Hz AC, and the motor has short circuit overheating protection. The main original devices are schneider products. Strictly in accordance with the national standard production, reasonable structure layout, with necessary safety protection measures.

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