Durmapress introduces the development trend of CNC bending machine system

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Durmapress introduces the development trend of CNC bending machine system

Bending machine is a kind of machine that can bend thin plate, its structure mainly consists of a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate, the workbench is placed on the bracket, the table is composed of a base and a pressure plate, the base is connected with the clamping plate through the hinge, the base by the shell, line

The coil is arranged in the depression of the seat shell, and the top of the depression is covered with a cover plate. When used, the wire is energized to the coil, and after energized, the pressure plate produces gravity, so as to achieve the clamping between the pressure plate and the base plate. Due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and the workpiece can be processed on the side wall, the operation is also very simple. From Ethel, the development trend of CNC bending machine system is mainly reflected in the performance, function and architecture of the three

The specific expression is as follows:

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1 Graphical user interface

The user interface is the dialogue interface between the CNC bending machine system and the user. The graphical user interface should be suitable for all kinds of users, including non-professional users. It can be operated through the window and the sheet to realize the functions of graphic simulation, graphic dynamic tracking simulation and fast programming

2. Visualization of scientific calculation

Information exchange is no longer limited to text and language expression, can directly use graphics, images, animation and other visual information. Visualization technology can be used in CAD/CAM, automatic parameter setting, tool compensation, display and visualization simulation of machining process.

3. Diversification of interpolation and compensation

Interpolation methods include linear interpolation, circular interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, spatial elliptic surface interpolation, thread interpolation, polar interpolation, polynomial interpolation and so on. The compensation functions include verticality compensation, interbarrier compensation, error compensation of arc interpolation quadrature, error compensation of pitch and measuring system, tool radius compensation, temperature compensation, etc.

4, high performance built-in

CNC folding machine system installed in high-performance PLC, can be directly with ladder diagram or high-level language programming, online debugging and online editing and modification, to establish their own applications.

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A, performance,

1. High precision, high speed, high efficiency and energy saving

Efficiency and quality are the key performance indexes and the main body of advanced manufacturing technology. If the use of high-speed CPU chip RISC chip multi-CPU switching system, high resolution detection open parts, AC digital servo system, supporting spindle

Linear motor and other technologies can greatly improve efficiency, improve product quality and grade, shorten the production cycle and improve market competitiveness. In the coming months and years, ultra-precision CNC folding machine, high-speed, intelligent and nano development, convergence

New generation CNC bending machine tools.

Response to environmental protection and energy saving, but also on demand oil supply, improve electricity efficiency, protect the environment

2 flexibility

CNC bending machine system adopts a new generation of modular design, wider functional coverage, stronger reliability, to meet the needs of different users. The same herd control system can automatically adjust the information flow dynamically according to different cattle production processes, and give full play to the herd control system


More than 3 axis

Multi-axis linkage processing, parts in a CNC bending machine tool clamping, automatic tool change, rotating spindle head, rotating table and so on, complete multi-process multi-surface composite processing, not only high finish, but also greatly improve efficiency

fast clamp

4 Open software and hardware

Users can according to their own needs, the CNC bending machine system software for secondary development, the scope of use of users is no longer restricted by the manufacturer

5 intelligent

In the field of CNC folding and checking machine technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control is developing along the following aspects: self-talk control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control and feedforward control. Such as programming experts system fault diagnosis experts

System, when the system out of the fault, diagnosis, maintenance and so on to achieve intelligent.


1 · integration

Using highly integrated CPU, RISC chip and large-scale programmable integrated circuit, and special integrated circuit chip, improve the CNC bending machine system integrated circuit density, software and hardware running speed and system reliability.

2 modular

To realize the integration and standardization of CNC bending machine system, the CPU, memory, position servo, PLC input and output interface, communication module into a standard series of products, constitute different grades of CNC bending machine system.

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