Durmapress Live Show 12th , Nov 2020

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Durmapress Live Show 12th , Nov 2020

Durmapress’s live studio has been making friends with everyone at a very favorable price. We will not miss the annual shopping carnival of Double 11.

11th , Eleven Already Finished yesterdays . Celebrations for all the friends , You already get the Best Price and promotions . Now 12th Evening . Special Promotion for Special Laser Power Waiting for you

Beijing Time 22:00-24: 00 PM , 12th , Novermber , Durmapress Waiting for you in Live Studio .


This time , We take the BS3015D- 2KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with JPT Fiber Laser Gerenator For you . Make the metal sheet cutting solutions for you .


Fiber laser cutting machine

Hot Selling Products

Model : BS3015D 

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine High Effeciency High Speed with working Table 3000*1500mm 

Laser Power : 2000W 

JPT Fiber Laser Gerenator from Singapore 

All Components inside is same as IPG but much economic solutions 

Dry enviromental laser power for less light Decay


Live Show Linkage : https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=22e84025-5253-4221-a42b-ccfbb39faf98&referrer=sellerConsuleShare

Sample Show 

WE67K Series 2

Hydraulic CNC Press Brake WE67K Series

JPT Laser Power

JPT Fiber Laser Source 

Durmapress ’s live studio not only has the price for making friends, but also has laser knowledge. Dr. Xia will explain to you the principle of laser cleaning. Regarding the intractable diseases of laser cleaning, we can all answer you.

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