Durmapress tells you what types of accessories are commonly used in shearing machine

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Durmapress tells you what types of accessories are commonly used in shearing machine

The hydraulic shearing machine are assembled from hundreds of parts, and each accessory is essential in the shears. What are the commonly used accessories for hydraulic shears? .

1. Commonly used accessories of hydraulic shearing machine machinery: universal backing screw of backgauge motor, backgauge bar, blade clearance adjustment fan gear, hydraulic metal cutting machine blade, cylinder and cylinder return ball, knife running bearing, knife holder After connecting, the nitrogen cylinder will return to the various models such as pressure gauge rods and bolts.

2. Hydraulic shearing machine commonly used accessories: hydraulic shearing machine pump (usually piston or gear pump), overflow valve, solenoid valve, hydraulic shearing machine straight check valve, combination valve, ball valve, shearing machine folding Bending machine pressure gauge, pressure gauge switch, filter screen, liquid level gauge, hydraulic shearing machine left and right cylinders, hydraulic shearing machine nitrogen cylinder, presser foot, oil valve plate, hydraulic tubing, various combination pads and sealing rings.

3. Common Spare parts of hydraulic shearing machine circuit: main motor power key switch, main motor start button, main motor emergency stop button switch, main motor, hydraulic shearing single continuous knob, fluorescent lamp switch knob, hydraulic shearing machine mainly in optical motor , Electrical box connection terminal, main motor control contactor, other actions to control contactor, time relay, transformer, hydraulic shears main power control switch, other control protection switch, rectifier bridge, front and rear limit limit, knife stroke control Switch, main motor, motor backstop, fluorescent device, foot switch, button control box in front of the electrical panel, electrical box, hydraulic shear operating system.

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