Electric CNC steel tube bending machine hydraulic square tube bending machine where

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Electric CNC steel tube bending machine hydraulic square tube bending machine where

Electric CNC steel tube bending machine hydraulic square tube bending machine for bending pipe and sheet metal bending. In the case of pure bending, when the pipe with outer diameter D and wall thickness T is bent under the action of external moment M, the outer pipe wall of the neutral layer is subjected to tensile stress σ1, and the pipe wall becomes thinner. The tube wall inside the neutral layer is thickened by tensile stress σ1. In addition, the shape of the cross section changes from round to approximately oval due to the effect of the resultant force F1 and F2. When the deformation is too large, cracks will occur on the outer wall of the pipe, and wrinkling will occur on the inner wall of the pipe.

The deformation degree of hydraulic square tube bending machine pipe depends on the size of the relative bending radius R/D and relative thickness T /D. The smaller R/D and T /D values are, the greater the deformation degree is. In order to ensure the forming quality of pipe fittings, the deformation degree must be controlled within the permitted range. The bending forming limit of pipe fittings depends not only on the mechanical properties of materials and bending methods, but also on the application requirements of pipe fittings. The forming limit of pipe fittings should include the following contents: 1) The large elongation deformation in the tensile deformation zone outside the neutral layer should not exceed the plastic allowable value of the material and cause rupture; 2) Within the compression deformation zone inside the neutral layer, the thin-walled structure under the action of tangential compressive stress will not be wrinkled due to instability; 3) If the pipe has the requirement of ellipticity, control the distortion of its section; 4) Control the forming limit of wall thinning if the pipe has the strength requirement to withstand internal pressure.

Electric CNC steel tube bending machine hydraulic square tube bending machine performance characteristics:


This machine adopts PLC control, dialogue operation, simple and easy program setting.

2, can freely choose, manual, semi-automatic half-cycle, full automatic cycle function.

3, mobile foot switch, with automatic start, emergency stop, stop to continue three functions, high safety.

4, large capacity cooling circulation system, make the machine run more stable.

5. The head and elbow are exquisitely designed to provide maximum elbow space.

6, touch simple and convenient replacement, convenient for elastic production.

7. In the process of processing, the screen of the mobile controller shows the processing value of the elbow, and can also set the single step operation, half cycle operation and full cycle operation.

8, with automatic detection error and fault function, when there is any abnormal action or there is any danger, the machine will immediately stop to issue a different *, show the cause of failure, to help the operator troubleshoot.


Electric numerical control tube bending machine hydraulic square tube bending machine can be roughly divided into numerical control pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, electric pipe bending machine and manual bending machine and so on. Mainly used in electric power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair, with multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and other advantages. Our company innawaite mainly produces platform CNC Angle automatic positioning pipe bender and hydraulic steel pipe bending and circular forming machine. Mainly for steel pipe Angle bending and large arc and circular bending molding. Suitable for large square tube, round tube processing, production, low equipment cost, processing speed.


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