ER80 robot bending scheme———— Professional sheet metal for twenty years efficient use every day

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ER80 robot bending scheme———— Professional sheet metal for twenty years efficient use every day

ER80 robot bending scheme Product analysis



1. The above sheet bending requirements can be processed by the bending machine at one time;

2. The above rhythm does not include positive and negative stacking time;

3. It is recommended that the opening height of the mold of the bending machine be greater than 100mm;

4. Other additional sheet materials should be checked by our engineers in advance before production;

5. The papping process must use pneumatic composite mold provided by the buyer (including cylinders, solenoid valves, joints, gas pipes, etc.), and manually bend qualified products;

6. Time tolerance ±10%;

7. The schematic diagram of single V lower module is as follows:

ER80 robot bending  The production process


3.2 Sheet processing process

1, automatic continuous processing process


2.Single piece processing process 


5.6 Composition of robot system

The robot system is mainly composed of robot body, control cabinet and teaching device.


5.61 Robot body:

ESTUN robot dedicated high performance servo

High quality casting

Japan Nabtesco reducer

Calibration instrument calibration before delivery

Continuous 120 hours of non-stop test before delivery

5.62 Electric control cabinet

The new electric cabinet is smaller in size and compact in structure

Using EtherCAT bus

Extensible multi-axis control

According to the needs of application, it can provide the integration of engineering electrical 5.63 5.63 Customization

Teaching apparatus

Ergonomic design, comfortable operation, light

Full Chinese display, friendly interface

7 "Portrait screen to display more information

Double safety switch, fully ensure the safety of personnel operation

Equipped with USB interface, support teaching program import/export

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