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ESA S530

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ESA S530

● Conventional press-brakes (Mechanical and Hydraulic), synchro Hydraulic press-brakes
● Servo controlled hydraulic single cylinder press-brakes, electrically driven press-brakes, tandem press-brakes
● Hydro-mechanical press-brakes American style.
● Guillotine shears, with 3-4 axes.
● Selectable and programmable axes and auxiliary functions.
● Drivers for hydraulic axes with proportional valves or servo valves, servo drivers (a.c./d.c.), and a.c. motors with or without inverter; drivers for the most common field buses (CAN BUS).
● Following arms, thickness detector, in- – process angle measurement units, robotic interfacing, controlling for the tandem press- – brakes.
● Safety PLC communication (PILZ, LAZER SAFE).
● Modem for telecommunication assistance.
● High performances tandem machines management without added sensors requirement.
● USB memory sticks available on all products range.
● Fully hardware and software compatibility among all products range.
● USB memory sticks available on all products range.
● CNC hardware configuration (motors type & quantity, valves type & quantity, I/O type & quantity) can be edited from the CNC itself

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