Explain the relationship between the hydraulic shears and the influencing factors of shear resistance

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Explain the relationship between the hydraulic shears and the influencing factors of shear resistance

QC12K-4*3200 Hydraulic shearing machine for gear oil as working substance, after power energy components (hydraulic plate shears gasoline pump) will drive the mechanical kinetic energy is converted to a gear oil hydraulic press can, again after hydraulic plate shears grasp the components, and then rely on practice components (hydraulic cylinder or oil motor) will be working pressure can change as the mechanical kinetic energy, the drive load to honour graph rotating or stationary, and after the adjustment and to grasp the components in the total flow of lever rule, the control precision for the progress of the components and force.

4*3200 Hydraulic shearing machine can achieve what effect using hydraulic pressure:


1, it needs to have full-time personnel to undertake the application and storage.Operators must understand the structure and characteristics of CNC lathes.

2, do not overload the application of this machine tool.Non-cutting heat treated steel and hard steel, front steel, carbon steel, casting and non-metallic materials.

3, the cutter head tooth surface should be maintained sharp, tooth surface blunt or damaged, should be immediately polished or replaced.

4, many people need to have a full-time commander in the actual operation, cooperate with each other to harmonize.

5. It is strictly prohibited to cut two kinds of raw materials with different specifications and models on the machine, and overlapping cutting is prohibited.

6. It is strictly prohibited to push the door handle under the pin when cutting the feed.When cutting the material should be another stainless steel plate pressure, cutting when the fingers leave the wound is less than 200mm.

7, with the pry holding one-on-one hit, should be removed from the pry can be cut, such as stainless steel plate walking, the use of wooden pillow plugged, in order to prevent the pressure foot out of the pry holding pop out to death.

8. Steel pieces cut must be stably placed. It is not necessary to pile up too high, and it is forbidden to pile up on the side of passage.Remove the leftover material and waste immediately and keep the place clean and tidy.

632 shearing machine

The relationship between the influence factors of the hydraulic plate shears and their shear resistance:

1. Decision-making elements of its cutting resistance

There are many performance parameters involved. The raw material elements of the rigid plate are extruded, and the temperature and speed in the cutting process are also involved.There are also related to the cutting CNC blade cutting edge appearance, cutting edge clearance and the selection of depth.

2. Correlation between its cutting resistance and relevant elements

In addition to understanding what aspects will harm the cutting resistance of the facility, we should also grasp the relationship between them to facilitate stronger control.

In terms of rigid plate raw materials, when the strength of the material is more and more high, its cutting resistance will be more and more large.

From the perspective of cutting temperature, the ratio of height to width of temperature is inversely proportional to the size of cutting resistance. In other words, the higher the temperature is, the smaller the cutting resistance is, and the greater the selection height will be.

There are also rates of deformation, these parameters are positively related to the cutting rate, and the cutting resistance is also positively related to the deformation rate.It is emphasized, however, that the rate of deformation can be ignored during cold shear.

3. Experimental provisions before application

In order to grasp the size of all kinds of parameters more strongly, so as to maintain the control of the hydraulic shear cutting resistance, not only must strictly use the equipment in accordance with the standard, but also to carry out experiments in advance.

The first can be a hydraulic shearing machine to speed over a period of time, in order to ensure that under normal circumstances, it can be different thickness material cutting.Then carry out the cutting experiment, should adjust the thickness and gap of the gunfight film, make it strong and durable.Then turn on the switch of the pressure gauge and check the condition of the gear oil.If the whole process of noise or other abnormal, must stop and check.

 front side

CNC shearing machine is generally a general or special computer to achieve digital program control, it is usually controlled by the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and the flow of mechanical energy related switching quantity.Is to borrow on the movement of the blade and fixed blade, adopt reasonable blade gap, head along the vertical movement, since there is no front rake, so on blade section must be processed into a diamond, head line along the arc swing, shear blade section should be processed into a diamond, so only two blades, due to the blade slightly forward, in the process of shear on various thickness of the sheet metal shear, separate the sheet according to the size of the required fracture.

Today I want to introduce to you the main structural characteristics of CNC plate shearing machine:

1, the machine structure should be compact, by the motor, flywheel, clutch/brake, gear mechanism, spindle, tool rest up and down movement;The use of traction electromagnet or hydraulic drive clutch, clutch, brake friction plate requires the selection of reliable quality of domestic well-known products.

2, The body adopts the whole steel plate welding structure, vibration aging stress elimination or annealing and other methods to effectively eliminate stress, to ensure that the machine has a higher static and dynamic stiffness and shock absorption performance, to ensure that the accuracy of the machine can be maintained for a long time.

3, Transmission system adopts a belt drive, two gear drive, transmission layout is reasonable, easy maintenance.In the process of shear transmission, it has the function of shear overload protection to prevent the overload shear workpiece from damaging the equipment.

4. The slider is an integral welding structure of the plate weldment, which realizes pendulum shear movement in a certain Angle range around a fixed center through connecting rod and crankshaft transmission;The blade clearance is adjusted to the structure of worm gear and worm, and the scale is set on both sides of the bed respectively, and it has the function of zero limit.Blade clearance adjustment can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

5. The equipment should have a strong mechanical pressing system, and the pressing force is required to be large enough, so that the plate has no channeling when shearing.Grille type safety protection device is installed at the pressing system to prevent the operator from entering the cutting edge.

Wiring of leakage protection switch of CNC plate shearing machine:

The wiring of leakage protection switch of CNC plate shearing machine must be appropriate.Incorrect wiring will cause leakage protection switch misoperation, will also cause leakage protection switch to refuse position.

Before wiring, we should distinguish the input end and output end of the leakage protection switch, phase line and ground wire, and not reverse or wrong connection.When the input end and the output end are misconnected, the electronic circuit of the electronic leakage protection switch will not work normally because there is no switching power supply.

The line of the load side of the numerical control shearing machine leakage protection switch must be maintained alone, that is, the line of the load side (including the phase line working ground) can not be connected with the grounding system, can not be connected with the maintenance ground, and can not be connected with other electrical equipment control loop.In the protective grounding route, the working ground wire should be separated;The ground wire in the work must be through the protection device, the maintenance ground wire cannot be through the protection device, that is to say, the ground wire in the load side of the protector is only the ground wire in the work, but not the maintenance ground wire.

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