Explanation of key matters needing attention in operation of 3-roller Plate rolling machine

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Explanation of key matters needing attention in operation of 3-roller Plate rolling machine

Explanation of key matters needing attention in operation of 3-roller Plate rolling machine

The Plate rolling machine is a general equipment for bending metal plates into cylinders, arcs or other shapes.According to the principle of three-point inverted circle, continuous plastic deformation is generated through the relative position change and rotational motion of the workpiece, so as to obtain the predetermined shape of the workpiece.All steel is machined into a cylindrical shape, and almost all steel is rolled by a plate winder.

The motion form of rolling machine can be divided into two kinds: main motion and auxiliary motion.The main movement refers to the movement of the upper roller and the lower roller of the rolling machine, such as rotation, and bending.The main movement completes the processing task of the coil machine.The auxiliary movement is the movement in the form of loading, cutting, lifting of the upper roller, and turning over the frame.

One of the most important aspects of operating a coil is normalization and security.During the use of the rolling machine, we must follow the operating procedures of the rolling machine, and strive to reduce and eliminate the occurrence of dangerous accidents.Let's take a look at how to prevent dangerous accidents.


When controlling the distance between the rolls, be sure to pay attention to the roll rotation.Stop before you reach the limit to avoid an accident.

In the process of using the rolling machine, the transmission mechanism and connection parts should be regularly checked and maintained to maintain no loosening and no damage.In the process of bending, there can be no slip between the steel plate and the roll surface to prevent the roll surface from being injured.


In the process of rolling machine rotation, if there is abnormal sound, vibration or oil leakage, impact, should immediately stop the car inspection, in the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system to prevent the high-pressure oil out of harm to others.It is strictly prohibited to make the steel plate directly on the machine without leveling or leveling.

When the rolling machine rotates and two or more operators work at the same time, there must be a special person to command, and the division of labor must be clear.


When leveling or coiling, the steel plate should be placed in the middle of the work roll, and the thickness of the steel plate should be reduced when it is placed beside it.No one is allowed near the roll while it is rotating. Clothes and hands are not allowed to be wrapped in the roll.

In order to prevent and prevent the occurrence of accidents, we should pay attention to the above contents when using the rolling machine.

The development trend of plate rolling machine


1, with the development of domestic chemical industry, boilers and pressure vessels, rolling machine is large, super large horizontal three roll rolling machine development, its processing object for thick plate, super thick plate, high strength plate, composite plate.At the same time, because of the short straight edge, material saving, forming precision, high efficiency, so also developed a large four roll plate machine.

2. Taking the rolling machine as the main processing equipment, we can achieve complete configuration and provide the overall solution for customers.Such as wind power tower forming the equivalent realization of the overall solution.


3, the rapid development of oil tanker, storage tank and other industries, requires small bending machine to thin edge, super long, multi-curvature and numerical control direction.

4. It is an important development direction in the future to form a flexible processing unit for plate bending with CNC coil machine as the center.

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