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Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. DURMAPRESS is a famous brand company in China, which is dedicated to development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment(Fiber Laser Cutting machine , Press Brake , Shearing Machine , V Grooving Machine , Hydraulic Ironworker and ect ).

Press Brake production equipment
Overall Welding Fabrication

Noted:Machine frame Adopt Overall Fabricating By Floor-type Boring & Milling Machine
Overall welding fabricating of workbench vertical plate and machine body ensures the platness of the workbench.
Press Brake Boring machine
Precise boring bore

Overall fabricating of fixed seat and fixed hole ensures the two oil cylinder in the same level namely, with same Y axis axis value when working, to protect the oil cylinder and machine.
Press Brake Production Boring & Milling Machine
CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
Working for Boring and Milling of CNC Machinery 
Durmapress Processing Equipment
Our Processing Equipment

Our processing equipment including the heavy duty shot blasting machine. 5-axis machining center,large grinding machine, floor type boring & milling machine, large annealing temper furnace. CNC machining center ect.
Finite Anyalysis of press brake
Finite Anyalysis

Workbench adopts finite-element analysis curve fabricating,avoiding uneven pressure,and reducing the cutting linearity deviation.
Heat Treatment by Tempering Furnace

Machine frame and slider hardened by heat treatment to guarentee the frame strength,lengthen the service life,and improve the bending accuracy.

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