Factors affecting the price of laser welding machine

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Factors affecting the price of laser welding machine

The price of portable laser welding machine ranges from a few million for whole vehicle welding to tens of thousands for small mold repair welding. The specific quotation will be affected by many factors, such as specific welding use, large welding requirements, how much power to choose, etc.

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The first is power. Laser is the core of laser equipment. The greater the power, the higher the price. Because the higher the power, the higher the requirements for the laser rod and cooling system.

Then there is configuration. The configuration of the fiber laser welding machine involves many aspects:

1. The configuration of laser welding machines for different purposes is different, such as mold welding for welding molds, jewelry welding for welding jewelry, galvanometer welding in automatic welding machines, and optical fiber transmission laser welding machines. The configuration equipment is different. The price is naturally different.

2. In addition, automatic welding machines are generally more expensive than manual welding machines, because automatic control systems, CCD camera monitoring systems and other supporting automatic configurations are required.

3. There are also some customers who have customized needs, so the price will be higher. For example, some production processes require customizing some automated fixtures, or modifying the workbench, or adding other additional functional accessories.

4. The brand of the accessory will also affect the quotation. Imported ones are usually more expensive than domestic ones, and domestically produced prices are also uneven. It can be said that the price of accessories can vary a lot.

5. The laser welding machine must be equipped with a workbench, which is a non-standard product, and the price is not fixed according to the customer's product design.

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The last is the brand. Stainless steel laser welding machine has tens of thousands of maneuvers, high technical content, and high level of after-sales service requirements, so you must buy from regular channels and try to choose well-known brands. One is that well-known brands have more mature technology, good product quality, and stable performance; second, the after-sales guarantee of well-known brands is more perfect; third, well-known brands have accumulated rich product experience and after-sales experience, and can provide more professional technology Guidance and after-sales service!

As one of the two basic modes of laser welding (the other is heat conduction welding), laser deep penetration welding is more and more widely used. In order to obtain higher benefits of laser deep penetration welding, Manshan Durmapress Machinery Techology Co.,Ltd summarized the main influencing factors of this welding method for welding users, including laser power density, welding speed, focal position, shielding gas, and assembly gap of workpiece joints. , The nature of materials and other aspects, to help users seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and make the best use of lasers and laser equipment.

1. Laser power density

1) The prerequisite for deep penetration welding is that the focused laser spot has a sufficiently high power density, so the laser power density has a decisive influence on the weld formation. The laser power controls the penetration depth and the welding speed at the same time. For a laser beam of a certain diameter, when the laser power is increased, the penetration deepens and the welding speed increases.

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2) Generally, there is a critical value for the laser power to reach a certain welding penetration. When this critical value is reached, the molten pool will boil violently, and the penetration will decrease sharply when it exceeds this critical value. In addition, due to the force of the metal vapor, small holes are formed in the molten pool, and the small holes are the key to the realization of deep penetration welding.

3) The focal spot power density is not only proportional to the laser power, but also to the parameters of the laser beam and the focusing optical path.

2. Welding speed

In the process of deep penetration welding, the welding speed is inversely proportional to the penetration depth. In the case of keeping the laser power constant, such as increasing the welding speed, the heat input will decrease and the penetration depth will also decrease. Therefore, appropriately reducing the welding speed can increase the penetration depth, but too low a speed will lead to excessive melting of the material and the phenomenon of workpiece welding through. Therefore, for a specific laser power and a specific thickness and type of material, there is a suitable welding speed range to obtain the maximum penetration.

3. Focus position

In order to maintain sufficient power density during deep penetration welding, the focal position is very important. The change of the relative position of the focal point and the surface of the workpiece directly affects the width and depth of the weld. Only when the focal point is located at a suitable position on the surface of the workpiece, the resulting weld can form a parallel section and obtain the maximum penetration depth.

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4. Shielding gas

The role of shielding gas is twofold: one is to remove the air in the welding area and protect the working surface from oxidation; the other is to suppress the generation of plasma cloud during high-power laser welding.

5. Workpiece joint gap

The gap between the workpiece and the assembly gap is directly related to the penetration depth of the welding workpiece and the width of the weld. In deep penetration welding, if the joint gap exceeds the spot size, it cannot be welded; if the joint gap is too small, sometimes the process will produce undesirable effects such as overlap of butt plates and difficulty in fusion; if the joint gap is too large, it is easy to weld through; High-speed welding can make up for some weld defects caused by excessive gaps, while high-speed welding has narrower welds and stricter assembly requirements.

6. Material nature

The laser absorption of the material to be welded determines the efficiency of laser welding. There are two factors that affect the material's absorption rate of the laser: one is the material resistivity. After measuring the absorption rate of the polished surface of different materials, it is found that the material is The absorptivity is proportional to the square root of the resistivity, and the resistivity changes with temperature. The second is that the surface state of the material has a more important influence on the beam absorption rate, which has a significant effect on the welding effect.

With the development of the industry, laser welding technology is constantly researched and innovated. At present, in the mechanical welding industry, the popular handheld laser welding machine is due to its outstanding performance characteristics and shows good process characteristics in the welding process. , So it can be widely used in many fields. For the majority of businesses, using handheld laser welding machines can also save costs.

In the processing of metal products, welding is one of the very important links, and the metal laser welding machine can ensure the welding quality and aesthetics of the product, so it has also attracted many manufacturers to purchase. The advantages of this welding equipment are specifically shown in the following two aspect:

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that uses a high-energy density laser beam as a heat source. Laser radiation heats the surface of the workpiece, and the surface heat diffuses to the inside through heat conduction. By controlling the parameters of the laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool.

1. Non-contact welding method

The heat released by traditional welding equipment when welding the workpiece is very high, and it has to be in direct contact with the workpiece. Therefore, the welding contact point may be too large, which affects the quality and appearance of the product. But different from traditional welding equipment, the metal laser welding machine adopts laser welding technology, which can quickly complete the welding work even if it does not directly contact the workpiece. Therefore, the welding contact point is smaller, the processed product is more beautiful, and naturally it will be more affected. The "favor" of manufacturers;

2. The welding materials are not limited

The laser beam emitted by the metal laser welding machine can quickly melt different types of metal materials, even the metal materials that are difficult to weld with traditional welding machines, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum structural steel, copper and other metals, laser welding machines can also easily" "Cope with", this feature also makes the laser welding machine applicable to a wider range of industries;

3. Few processes

In addition to the advantages of good welding quality and many weldable materials, laser welding machines also have fewer welding procedures compared to traditional welding equipment. Because the material welded by the laser welding machine is not easy to deform, there is no need for excessive processing, and the polishing and leveling processes can be directly omitted.

As an important application in laser processing, laser welding has the irreplaceable advantages of traditional welding. It has been widely used in kitchen appliances, household appliances, precision cabinets, precision sheet metal products, elevators, new energy automobile motors, servo motors and other industries.

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