• How about the machine warranty?Is the whole machine

    -We can offer 3 years warranty for the following parts :
    --Hydraulic System with pump and Valve
    --Hydraulic Cylinders
    --Electric units
    --Hydraulic Cylinders
    --Gasket Ring( We will send you extra with the machine also )
    --Tube Connector
    --Control Button
    --Limit Switch
    During the warranty period we provide any accessories for free.
  • How to confirm the Machine Model?

    – You can tell us the  material ,max thickness and width of your plate.We will recommend the suitable model to you .
  • Judging the Quality of CNC Press Brake from the Hydraulic Oil

    Judge from the shearing machine requirements on the oil quality, to determine the cutting quality

    The first point need attention: hydraulic shear plate oil viscosity: moderate viscosity is better, the General Assembly to increase the flow resistance in the pipeline viscosity, cutting plate machine is too small, or affect the shear lubrication conditions will also lead to shear between the hydraulic components The volumetric efficiency of the wear pump is reduced.

    Need to have a second point: good lubricity and abrasion resistance: good shear hydraulic oil must have good lubricity and wear resistance. Shearing machine manufacturers make more lubrication to coordinate and avoid friction and friction between the components of the hydraulic components.

    Need to have a third point: viscosity – temperature: This is the performance of the viscosity index, of course, the higher the gate shears the better. Viscosity – The temperature resistance is associated with a viscosity between the viscosity and the temperature, and the viscosity at a higher temperature becomes smaller. In the operation of the field cut, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will change with the equipment of the shear plate body and the ambient temperature changes, not more than 90 less than the usual viscosity.

    Need to have a fourth point: antioxidant stability: it is popular with elevated hydraulic oil temperature at the same time containing oxygen containing chemical reactions. Through several experiments show the price of the shears, the oil temperature rises by 10 degrees when the oxidation reaction is twice. Scissors have deteriorated antioxidant effects Good stability is not easily oxidized, hydraulic oil can be a normal cycle. Hydraulic tilting shears

    Fifth need to have: Good shear stability: In order to improve the viscosity of the hydraulic pendulum shears in the shearing poly methacrylate, the molecules are added by the material of the hydraulic shears The effect of this through the reaction to increase the shearing capacity of the shears of hydraulic oil.

    Need to have a sixth point: shears hydraulic oil emulsion and anti-foam in two ways. Water and an emulsion of the oil to separate the water. Anti-foam bubbles are mixed in the fluid with the resulting water.

  • How to solve it -----bending angle is not accurate

    Durmapress Bending angle

    • 1. If the error is very large, it may be programming wrong, NC Press Brake Slider connection loose, or grating ruler failure.
    • 2. A little normal error, there may be a variety of reasons, such as: error between programming material thickness and actual material thickness, inconsistent material uniformity, die wear, operation or other reasons.
    • 3. Bending angles are unstable and often change, perhaps the connection with slider became loose, grating ruler failure, or materials (such as: spring-back property), etc


    • 1. Check the running programs of CNC Press Brake, especially check whether the die, material, plate thickness, work piece length, bending way are consistent with actual operation, and check whether the slider have became loose, grating ruler connection is firm or not.
    • 2. A little error can be corrected on the Press Brake controller, if it can be work normally after amendment, it is normal.
    • 3. Check the accuracy of Y-axes repositioning, check whether the slider connection and grating ruler connection is normal, if yes, it is likely to be caused by the material itself.
  • How do you guarantee the quality?

    – We guarantee you the quality of our machine (e.g. processing speed and working performance will be the same as the data of sample machine as well as your requirements). The contract will contain detailed technical data.
    – We always arrange final testing of operation before shipment. The machine will be tested for a few days, and then use customer’s materials to test its performance. After we confirmed there is no problems of the machine, then the shipments will be arranged.
    – We provide the machine for 3 year warranty. Flexible extended warranties can be offered as agreed.
  • What’s your delivery time?

    – Normally 25 days.
  • How to operate the machines ?

    We will provide the Operate Video  of the machines or can send our engineer to your factory to help you debugging after you receive the machines.
  • What is the payment term?

    – T/T (30% advance payment, and 70% balance paid one week before shipment)
    – L/C (100% L/C at sight), this should be negotiated first.
  • What is the MOQ or OEM?

    – MOQ: 1 set. We accept OEM.
  • Do you have ever sold machines to our country?

    – Our machines have sold to over 50 countries. For specific areas, please contact us.
  • What is the quality of the machine?

    DURMAPRESS is a mature brand in China. We have CE, ISO and SGS certification to prove our quality. We welcome your visit, seeing is believing.
  • What is the strength of your factory?

    – Our factory has more than 500 skilled tachnical workers and most of them have over 10 years experience in this field. Besides, we have over 120 senior technical engineers.
  • How to transport the machine?

    – You can choose the shipping company on your own. Or use our forwarder, we will quote you the CIF price.
    – If less than one container,we will choose LCL (less container load), it will be cost-efficiency. If you purchase two and above, we will use 20″, 40″ or HQ container according to the machines size.
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