Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, avoidance guide!

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Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, avoidance guide!

There are many brand fiber laser cutting machine supplier . There are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing such large-scale and high-tech fiber cutting machine price . A little care will cause a greater impact on production. If the quality of the equipment is unstable and After-sales is not timely, or even cause major losses to manufacturers. Therefore, choose the laser cutting machine manufacturers carefully and carefully, the following aspects.

1. Laser Power. Even for domestic brands, many of their core light sources, lasers, are foreign products. Because foreign research and development is earlier, the related technology is more mature, the quality of the laser is relatively stable, but the price is also higher. At present, the laser brands of some leading domestic brands are not inferior to imported lasers in terms of cutting quality and stability, and because there are no tariffs, the prices are relatively low. Therefore, when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, don't be superstitious about imported laser steel cutting machine price, and don't easily cheat on unreliable domestic products.

2. Software system. The software system is provided by the laser cutting machine manufacturer, and large companies will have a professional technical department to develop and update the CUT software. Its advantages are self-evident, better compatible with the hardware, perfect match Together, you can maximize the perfection of the function.

3. Scope of use. Although the cutting range of fiber laser cutting machines is very wide, there are some materials that are not suitable for fiber lasers. For example, wood, paper, ceramics, glass, etc. There are also some such as copper, aluminum and its alloys, etc. Due to its high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, laser cutting is not easy to process, and a "reflection absorption" device needs to be installed on the system.

In short, when choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer, Durmapress Brand Fiber Laser Cutting Machine , it is necessary to investigate from many aspects and have a clear understanding of your needs before you can find the right product!

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