Fiber laser marking machine is a manufacturing highlight and provide processing methods

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Fiber laser marking machine is a manufacturing highlight and provide processing methods

Optical fiber laser marking machine is the highlight of manufacturing, social in progress, in the development of science and technology, all kinds of science and technology level and improve a lot of, manufacturers also seize the opportunity, efforts to develop high-tech products, various types of machinery and equipment with advanced also emerge in endlessly, more and more, our laser marking technology is also more and more mature, Fiber laser marking machine is also a bright spot in the manufacturing industry.


Along with the continuous development of the social daily life, the rapid development of high and new science and technology, laser marking equipment also entered a period of a new generation, at present, the laser marking equipment on the sales market in China has optical fiber laser marking equipment, co2 laser marking equipment and semiconductor laser marking equipment, slightly in traditional production processing equipment, Although the price of fiber laser marking machine equipment is slightly more expensive, but fiber laser marking equipment is still with its unique advantages of laser marking machine, slowly become a sign, advertising, electronic devices and other fields of the new royal.

Laser generator, scanning galvanometer is the key to the laser marking equipment, sales on the market at present stage the key points for domestic and imported laser generator, scanning galvanometer, relatively domestic price will be slightly expensive, but a little technology application and product quality in terms of imports of laser generator, scanning galvanometer is more security.

So what are the advantages of fiber laser marking equipment in specific use?

Compared with semiconductor laser marking equipment, optical fiber laser marking equipment have stronger laser beam quality, using the optical fiber laser generator output laser beam, then through rapid scanning galvanometer system software to complete the laser marking function, using the method of air-cooled refrigeration, the equipment volume is small, the output laser beam quality, high safety and reliability, Fiber laser marking machine has a long service life, can laser engraving metal materials and a part of non-metallic materials, more suitable for fine laser marking.

The innovation of fiber laser marking machine technology, provides enterprises with efficient engraving processing services, at the same time, more and more enterprises have begun to realize the fiber laser marking machine industry, has made great development and progress, and even has the output of the world's leading products, for customers to win a wide range of market.

Optical fiber laser marking machine is industrial experts, is the new choice of sheet metal processing, optical fiber laser marking machine is a high degree of flexibility, marking speed, production efficiency is high, product production cycle is short, effective life span is long fiber laser technology, and optical fiber laser marking machine precision laser processing technology can process a variety of artifacts, That is because it does not need to be in direct contact with the marking workpiece when marking, the uv laser marking machine to fiber laser marking machine produced by the high energy laser beam can be free to move, so that the surface of the marking workpiece is heated average, so the accuracy of marking up is very high.

Where is the biggest advantage of optical fiber laser marking machine, generally speaking, both simple and complex parts, can use laser rapid prototyping precision marking, marking are of good quality and high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution, which can realize marking layout, automatic nesting, improved material utilization and low yield capital, better economy benefit, In marking quality is high quality, fine, optical fiber laser marking machine in marking when the laser beam can be focused into a very small spot, can make the optical fiber laser marking machine to achieve high power, therefore, its marking speed is very fast, high precision, can also ensure that the workpiece will not appear deformation.

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