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fiber laser welding machine details product introduction and product characteristics

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fiber laser welding machine details product introduction and product characteristics

High energy pulse fiber laser welding machine details was carried out on the object, the machine itself is small, the overall appearance is beautiful, equipped with high-performance optical fiber fast welding 20 mm per second, and the effect is good, simple and convenient operation, mainly USES the computer programming, to complete the automatic or semi-automatic welding, butt welding, welding, sealing welding stack to complete complex plane straight line, arc welding and arbitrary trajectory. Exquisite appearance after welding, no blackening of weld products without deformation and high degree of bonding.

Fiber laser welding machine for non-contact processing, no pollution to the product, fast speed, can weld 20mm per second, and the effect is good, simple and convenient operation, mainly using computer programming to complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stacked welding, sealing welding, to complete the complex plane straight line, arc and any trace of the welding. Exquisite appearance after welding, no blackening of the weld, no deformation of the product, high degree of combination

control system

Product features

Can thin wall materials, precision parts to achieve spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, etc.

2. The welding seam with high laser power has high depth-width ratio, small heat affected zone, small deformation and fast welding speed.

3. The weld quality is high, smooth and beautiful, without pores, and the toughness of the material after welding is at least equivalent to the parent material.

4. Human body design, LCD display, centralized keystroke operation is more simple.

5. Four-dimensional ball screw worktable, using imported servo control system, optional rotating worktable, can realize spot welding, linear welding, circumferent welding and other automatic welding, wide application range, high precision, fast speed.

6. The current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different waveforms can be set according to the different welding materials, so that the welding parameters and welding requirements match to achieve the welding effect.

electrical Parts

Technical parameters:

Parameter name Parameter value

The average laser power is 500W

* Single pulse energy 110J

Power consumption of the host is less than 16KW

The welding depth is 0.1-2.5mm

The solder joint size is 0.2-2mm

The laser wavelength is 1064nm

Pulse width adjustable from 0.3-20ms)

The combo frequency is 1-100Hz

CCD is optional for red light positioning)

Laser working stroke X axis 300Y axis 200Z axis 300(stroke optional) automatic workbench, laser control mode PC programming automatic control

Power demand 380V+10% / 50Hz / 60A

Continuous working time ≥16h

Water cooling system 3 /5 (optional) laser special water cooler

The use environment is clean and dust-free, no seismic source,10°C-30°C, humidity 5%-85%


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