Fine grinding of the upper Toolings of the Press Brake is very important

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Fine grinding of the upper Toolings of the Press Brake is very important

As we all know, The Press Brake Mold must go through two processes: rough grinding and finishing grinding from blank to processing. Rough grinding is to process the forged blank into a mold

Approximate shape, large margin and low accuracy. The main function of precision grinding is to process the Press Brake mold to the specifications and accuracy of the drawings. Precision grinding technology affects mold

Product quality. Therefore, fine grinding of the Press Brake mold is the key process to determine whether the Press Brake mold can be shipped from the factory.

It should be emphasized here that fine grinding and grinding are two different grinding methods. The cost of grinding is several times higher than that of fine grinding. Press Brake mold manufacturer one

Generally do not choose grinding to produce or repair molds.

The key to the fine grinding part of the upper die of the Press Brake is the die handle (jaw) and the knife edge. During the fine grinding of these two parts, there are many details that need attention.

Mold shank part (clamping port): The first thing to note is that the basic thickness of the clamping port is 13 mm regardless of whether there is a clamping slot. During the refining process,

Tolerances should be kept within -0.5 mm as much as possible. The thickness of the jaw is too large. When the upper mold of the Press Brake is installed, the mold is easy to protrude forward, so that the blade is separated from the receiving

On the force side, the mold is damaged due to bending, the thickness of the jaws is too small, the upper mold is not fixed during installation, the pressure is reduced, and the upper mold is easy to fall off when bending. Secondly

Pay attention to the force-bearing surface. The force-bearing surface has a high degree of parallelism and smoothness. During bending, the mold is evenly stressed, the mold wear is small, and the service life is extended.

Fine grinding of the upper mold of the Press Brake

Knife part: The fine grinding of the knife part is finishing. When fine grinding, the upper mold (whether segmented or integral) is fixed in a dedicated mold fixture

On the top, the three sides of the knife edge are kept on the same horizontal line through fine adjustment, and then the grinding wheel is trimmed to the angle specified in the drawing by grinding. All preparations

After completion, the grinding should be carried out at a feed rate of 0.02 mm/time, and the accuracy of the mold and the parallelism of both ends should be continuously measured during the processing. If there is

Parts that do not meet the standard should be repaired in time and J grinding wheel, at the same time, the grinding wheel must be re-polished to maintain the consistency and sharpness of the grinding wheel to ensure the precision grinding mold

With the edge meets the standard.

I believe many people also understand the importance of the refining process in the mold production process by explaining in detail the refining process of the upper mold of the Press Brake. A good

A refiner and a good refiner can greatly improve the accuracy and pass rate of the Press Brake mold, and it is also a verification of the strength of the Press Brake mold manufacturer

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