Five points when choosing CNC press brake

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Five points when choosing CNC press brake

1. Workpiece

The thing to consider is what the parts you want to produce are like, and the types of parts for hydraulic press brake machine that are processed are different for different types of press brakes. There are many types, with very different functions and sizes. The key point is to consider the material grade and the processing thickness and length, and choose based on this.

For example, if the working thickness is 16 mm, and the length is 10 feet of low carbon steel, then the press brake you choose requires that the free bending force does not need to be greater than 50 tons to meet the minimum processing needs. If you are processing a bottomed die forming, then consider a 150-ton machine tool. If the thickest material is 1/4 inch, 10 feet of free bending requires a china press brake to reach 165 tons, and a bottomed die Bending requires at least 600 tons. These are all rigid indicators, which are very important for long-term processing of metal products.


2. Torsion

Deflection is an important index parameter in the production of hydraulic press brake machine molds. When the same load is different, the deflection of the workbench is obviously different. So what are the effects of deflection? Can better produce qualified parts; reduce gasket adjustment time and preparation time.


3. The bending radius of the part

Considering the bending radius of the part, the free bending requires that the radius of curvature be 0.156 times the die opening distance, and the die opening distance should be 8 times the thickness of the metal material. The specific bending depends on the bending method. Reducing the bending radius may cause springback stress. When the bending radius is large, the quality and service life of the part will not be affected, and the possibility of springback can be basically avoided.


4. Accuracy

The accuracy of bending for the press brake 3200x63T also has an important influence on the purchase of press brakes. When you manufacture various precision parts or have high requirements for precision, degree is an object we often consider. If the bending accuracy is required to be ±1° and cannot be changed, then a CNC press brake 3200x63t is selected; the manual press brake is more suitable for the production work under the general deviation of ±2~3°, and is mostly used to manufacture large equipment with low accuracy .


5. Bending mold

Only by choosing suitable molds can you make parts with better performance. At present, there are many kinds of molds, including general-purpose and special-purpose ones. You should choose according to your needs. The service life of the mold is mainly affected by factors such as wear.

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