Hand-held laser welding machine manual operation and daily maintenance

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Hand-held laser welding machine manual operation and daily maintenance

One, Hand-held laser welding machine maintenance

First of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to the inspection of welding machine internal or external connector terminals, and the power switch must be turned off before it can be implemented.

1. Do regular testing. For example, check whether the rotation of the cooling fan is smooth when the welder is energized; Whether abnormal vibrations, sounds and smells occur; Whether there is leakage of gas; Whether the connection of the welding wire and the wrapping of the insulation are loose or peeling; Whether there is abnormal heating phenomenon in the welding cable and the wiring parts.

2. Because the welding machine is forced air cooling, it is easy to inhale dust from around and accumulate in the machine. So we can regularly use clean and dry compressed air to wipe away the dust inside the welding machine. In particular, the gap between the transformer, reactance coil and coil coil and power semiconductor should be especially cleaned.

3. Periodically check the wiring positions of power distribution cables. The terminal of the force side, the output side, and the wiring part of the external wiring, the wiring part of the internal wiring part and other parts of the wiring screw is loose, rust to remove the rust to make good contact conductivity.

4. Long-term use of the welding machine will inevitably make the shell deformation due to contact, rust and damage, internal parts will be worn out, so in the annual maintenance and inspection to implement the replacement of defective parts and shell repair and insulation deterioration parts of the reinforcement and other comprehensive repair work. The replacement of defective parts in the maintenance of the best to be able to replace new products at a time to ensure the performance of the welding machine.

The above regular maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding faults. Although it takes some time and energy, it can prolong the life of the welding machine, improve the efficiency of the operation, ensure the performance of the welding machine and improve the safety. It is an important content that can not be ignored in welding work.


Two, laser welding machine torch maintenance

1. Check and replace the conductive nozzle regularly

As the aperture of the wear conductive nozzle becomes larger, it will cause arc instability, weld appearance deterioration or sticky wire (back burning); The end of the conductive nozzle is glued to the splash, and the wire feed will become uneven; If the conductive mouth is not screwed tight, the threaded joint will be hot and welded to death.

2. Clean and replace the spring hose regularly

After the spring hose is used for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of iron powder, dust, welding wire plating chips, etc., which will make the wire feeding unstable. So it's important to clean it regularly, by curling it up and gently tapping it to shake the deposits off, and then blowing them off with compressed air. The grease on the hose should be washed in the oil with a brush and then blown away with compressed air. If the spring hose is miswired or seriously deformed and bent, it is necessary to replace the hose. When changing the pipe, make sure it is suitable for the diameter and length of the welding wire used, and do not appear burr on the cutting surface. 

3. Inspection of insulation rings

If the insulation ring is removed and welded, the splash will adhere to the inside of the nozzle to conduct the nozzle with the live part. The torch may burn out due to a short circuit. At the same time, in order to make the protective gas flow out evenly, it is necessary to install insulation rings.

fiber laser welding machine

Three, hand-held welding manual operation and maintenance

1. The handheld laser welding machine must be professionally trained, understand the use of system indicators and buttons, and be familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge, safety knowledge and precautions before it can be used.

2. Inspect the hand-held laser welding machine before operation

Wire slot, wire without damage exposed; Robot body, external axis, gun cleaning station, water cooling machine is strictly prohibited to put sundries you, tools, etc.

3. It is strictly prohibited to place liquid objects (such as water bottles) on the control cabinet;

No inflammable articles (such as cotton shoes) in the operating room;

Operating room temperature shall not exceed 25 degrees Celsius;

No gas leakage leakage leakage phenomenon;

The thread of welding tool is not damaged, and the robot is not abnormal;

There is no magnetic field and vibration source in the working range of the robot

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