Hand held laser welding machine Safety Information

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Hand held laser welding machine Safety Information

1 laser welding machine Safety Information

 Thank you for choosing Durmapress Ltd. 's hand-held fiber laser welding machine. This user manual provides you with important safety, operation, maintenance and other information.Therefore, before using the product, please read this user manual carefully.To ensure safe operation and optimal operation of the product, please follow the following notes and warnings and other information in this manual.

1.1 laser welding machine Safety identification

May cause serious personal injury or even endanger life safety.

May cause general personal injury or damage to products and equipment.May cause general personal injury or damage to products and equipment.

     1.2 Laser safety grade

     According to the European standard EN 60825-1, article 9, this series of lasers belong to the four types of laser instruments.The product emits laser radiation with a wavelength of 1080nm or near 1080nm, and the optical power emitted by the output head is greater than 1000W.Direct or indirect exposure to such light can cause damage to the eyes or skin.Although the radiation is not visible, the beam can cause irreversible damage to the retina or cornea.Suitable and certified laser protective glasses must be worn at all times while the laser is in operation.

    Be sure to wear laser safety goggles at all times when operating the product.Laser safety goggles have the selectivity of laser wavelength protection, so please select the laser safety goggles that meet the laser output band of the product.Even with laser safety goggles, when the laser is energized。Direct viewing of the output head is also strictly prohibited (whether or not it is in the illuminated state).

1.3Safety identification



Figure 1 Security identification location

Figure 1 shows the product safety identification and its location.These safety marks include: safety warning, laser output head warning, product certification, product nameplate, etc.The details of the safety identification are as follows: Table 1: Safety identification

1.4Optical safety

Dust in the laser output lens will cause the lens to burn out when the light comes out.

1.5Electrical safety

Please ground the product through the PE wire in the power cord, and ensure the grounding is firm and reliable.

When the product is grounded, the product shell will be charged, which may cause personal injury to the operator.

1)Ensure the AC voltage supply is normal.

Wrong connection mode or power supply voltage will cause irreparable damage to the laser

There is no device in the product to be used by the operator. Do not try to open the product housing, otherwise it may cause contact damage and the warranty will be invalid.

1.6 Other safety precautions

1) When the laser welding machine is running, please do not look directly at the laser output head.

2) Do not use fiber laser in dim or dark environment.

3) Please strictly follow the product manual to operate the laser welding machine, otherwise any damage to the laser will not be guaranteed.

4) The product has no built-in usable accessories, all maintenance should be by Chu Shuo technicians

Under the guidance, in order to prevent electric shock, please do not damage the label and uncover the lid, otherwise any damage to the product will not be guaranteed.

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