handheld laser welding machine laser welder 1000w is an efficient and precision welding method which uses laser beam with high energy density as heat source

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handheld laser welding machine laser welder 1000w is an efficient and precision welding method which uses laser beam with high energy density as heat source

How about a laser welding machine? Laser welding machine has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small deformation, large depth, small heat generated in the process, avoid thermal deformation in the weld area, the welding surface is neat, beautiful, no porosity, for ordinary welding without polishing.

Laser welding can be used for micro welding, laser beam can be focused to obtain a very small spot, and can be accurately positioned, can be used in mass automatic production of micro, small workpiece group welding.

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handheld laser welding machine laser welder 1000w  advantages:

1. handheld laser welding machine  can be applied in thin wall materials, to achieve electric welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding and other processes.

2. The laser power is large, the weld has a high depth to width ratio, small heat affected area, small deformation, fast welding speed.

3. The weld quality is high, smooth and beautiful, without porosity, and the toughness of the welded material is at least equal to the parent material.

4. Human body design, LCD display, centralized button operation is simpler.

5. Imported servo control system, optional rotary table, can realize spot welding, linear welding, circumference welding and other automatic welding, wide range of application, high precision, fast speed.

6. The current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different waveforms can be set according to different welding materials, so as to match the welding parameters and welding requirements to achieve the ideal welding effect.

The new automatic welder adopts the automatic walking mechanism, the weld is well formed and beautiful. In the process of work, the use of welding torch pneumatic positioning, all kinds of action is accurate and fast, set mechanical and electrical control in one, stable performance, used for the linkage control of each component, welding program control, parameter setting and adjustment.

Selection principle of automatic welding equipment

1. Safety: to pass the team of low voltage electrical mandatory "CCC" certification.

2. Economy: The price is based on quality and technical characteristics, taking into account the reliability and maintainability of the equipment, as well as the service life.

3. Efficiency: improve productivity, improve welding quality, reduce production costs.

4 applicability: give full play to the due effectiveness.

In automatic welding machine system, in order to realize the welding efficiency, multiple location will make it, to be responsible for the various parts of the automatic welding, forming a complete set of automation system, respectively on the material level, the clamping, welding and cooling or test, the material level and so on, a one-time artifacts from the assembly, welding, testing to the output of work.

Recommend hand-held laser welding machine - new hand-held laser welding machine - choose automatic welding machine.

With the improvement of the level of science and technology, laser welding machine technology has been relying on its significant advantages in the industrial field occupies an important position, laser welding technology has the advantages of fast welding speed, high precision welding, smooth and beautiful weld, so what is the working principle of laser welding machine?

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Knowing how to operate laser welding machine is the basic requirements of the operator, the operation is good or not will directly affect the welding effect is good or bad, then understand the principle of laser welding machine is very important. The principle of laser welding machine is through "wetting", "diffusion" and "metallurgy" three processes to complete. Solder through heating after melting and then wet solder joints and solder joints according to the original tension of the solder joints and solder joints of metal layer contact to form an alloy layer, so that the two firmly together. And then to check the melting phenomenon and the tensile strength, is then selected frequency, frequency when the welding efficiency requirements, is played a very important role, how to adjust to the appropriate frequency, this also is a technical problem in the future, believe that after the level of science and technology can well solve the problem, but the effect of frequency and other ways also have associated, The overall effect can have a good welding effect.

Ma 'anshan Mombaxter comprehensive strength, high technical level, after-sales service. The company is committed to the market development needs, is committed to creating hand-held laser welding machine production, sales of integrated services, the product is used for laser beam analysis and processing, laser beam energy characteristics is power, pulse, polarization, etc., due to quality, production technology and other aspects of the language, popular demand groups, and in the country; Guangdong, Dongguan very good sales, product types, models, etc. can be supplied according to customer requirements.

Handheld laser welding machine is to use a handheld welding gun instead fixed optical path, handheld welding flexible to some, overcome the limitations of the workbench space and are generally in the workpiece size is not uniform can't be used under the condition of automatic welding, mainly for large workpiece, within a fixed position such as rectangular, square, flat welding seam, During welding, it has the characteristics of small heat affected area, small deformation, large welding depth and firm welding. Hand-held laser welding machine can effectively weld carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet and other metal materials, suitable for tailor welding, stack welding, internal and external fillet welding, circular arc welding, irregular shape welding, etc. Hand-held laser welding machine has the following advantages:

1. Small footprint, convenient and flexible: the integrated cabinet integrates laser, water chiller, software control, etc. with small footprint, flexible and convenient hand-held welding gun;

2. One welding forming, basically no deformation: handheld operation mode, can achieve any part of the workpiece at any Angle of welding, can also meet the welding requirements of high quality products;

3. The welding seam is beautiful, no welding scar, no need to polish, the welding is firm, and the welding strength reaches or even exceeds the strength of the welded object;

4. Strong safety, laser safety operation protection function, to ensure the safety of the staff during the work.

Laser welding machine is a high-efficiency and high-precision welding method which uses laser beam with high energy density as heat source. It is one of the important aspects of laser material processing technology application. The principle of laser welding machine is that the surface to be processed is heated by laser radiation, and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through heat conduction. By controlling the laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency and other laser parameters, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool. Laser welding machine application is very wide, widely used in manufacturing, powder metallurgy, automotive industry, electronics industry, biomedical and other industries; Laser welding machine has the advantages of small heat affected area, no concern of electrode pollution or damage, laser beam can be focused in a small area, a wide range of weldable materials, not affected by magnetic field, can weld two metals with different physical properties, etc.


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