HBR N2 NUMERICAL control hydraulic plate bending machine

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HBR N2 NUMERICAL control hydraulic plate bending machine

HBR N2 NUMERICAL control hydraulic plate bending machine one Features:

1. The upper stage of the frame is fixed by inclined block. Compared with the welding frame, there will be no skew and winding, and the long-term use can also maintain high accuracy. At the same time, for the micro elastic deformation of the processing time frame, the working table forward tilt can be fine-tuned.

2. The driving device is stored in the lower part of the main body of the machine, using the way that the working table moves up for bending, the wide bending space can complete the workpiece which can not be processed by other models.

3. The main cylinder is installed in the central shaft of the lower machine. The central pressurization is adopted to prevent the middle of the folded parts from being stressed enough.

4. In the front and back of the table movement, left and right directions are configured with a roller guide mechanism, so that the table is very stable movement, and can easily adjust the gap between the roller and the guide block, so the parallelism of the upper and lower table will be maintained correctly.

5. The use of split mold, one person can easily change the mold, equipped with quick clamping intermediate plate, the use of fine scale, Angle adjustment is simple and accurate.

6. The use of electric foot switch control, effectively reduce the work intensity of workers, improve the work efficiency.

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HBR N2 NUMERICAL control hydraulic plate bending machine two Function:

1. Slow bending function: you can set the bending speed to facilitate the operation, in addition, you can set the starting slow speed bending position and waiting time between steps (set by CNC or manual setting).

2. Back pull bending function: after the upper and lower mold clamps the material, the regulation will retreat, so as not to interfere with the material in the middle of bending.

3. Arc bending function: only need to input the distance and the number of steps can be automatically arc bending conversion.

4. Drawing line bending function.

5. Multiple lower limit, multiple upper limit function: speed switching point and the stop position of the bottom dead center are directly controlled by digital encoder to avoid redundant empty travel and greatly improve the production efficiency.

6. Hand wheel control function: D axis and L axis hand arbitrary control when the first piece of workpiece bending test using the hand wheel adjustment function is very convenient to understand the operation and improve the safety.

 Delem DA53T

HBR N2 NUMERICAL control hydraulic plate bending machine Three. Control system:

1. Adopt the new color LCD touch control operation panel, the picture is bright color, touch input programming can be directly input and Angle input programming.

2. Bending Angle control and post positioning programming can be set by CNC and hand-wheel fine tuning.

3. Can store 100 products, each product 30 work steps.

4. Adopt D axis depth control and L axis automatic post positioning control for high speed and high precision workpiece bending processing.

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