High efficiency intelligent laser cleaning machine metal laser rust removal machine Laser cleaning machine equipment laser polishing machine

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High efficiency intelligent laser cleaning machine metal laser rust removal machine Laser cleaning machine equipment laser polishing machine

Laser cleaning machine equipment introduction:

Lightweight design, integration and integration, convenient to carry to any work area, to achieve target selection, positioning and cleaning.

Non-contact cleaning I, no damage to the substrate, no pollution, no need for subsequent treatment.

Ruler: length 1050MM, width 620MM, height 1140MM, man width 530MM

Metal is widely used in the industrial field, and all kinds of metal materials can be seen almost everywhere in our life. However, if metal is placed in the air for a long time, it will inevitably rust. The loss caused by rust is extremely significant. According to the statistics of the American Institute of Metals, the global economic loss caused by metal corrosion accounts for 4% of the total output every year, and the scrap metal due to rust accounts for 30% of the total output. China's annual economic losses due to metal corrosion amount to more than 300 billion yuan.

welding head

Derusting tracks  100W laser cleaning machine

Metal rust removal has become a major problem that must be faced in the use of metal.

Traditional metal rust removal methods include:

1, red rust removal method.

Use scraper, hammer, steel brush, grinding wheel and other tools to knock, shovel, grind and scrape to remove rust and dirt.

Disadvantages: low rust removal efficiency, poor operating environment, high labor intensity, generally can only remove loose rust and failure of the old coating, also can not remove all the oxide scale.

2, mechanical rust removal method

Handheld electric grinding wheel, electric brush, pneumatic brush and rust gun can be used to effectively remove rust and dirt by impact and friction. The two widely used methods are injection and shot blasting.

Disadvantages: heavy environmental pollution.

fiber laser source

3, chemical treatment method

The use of acid and clean metal surface rust stain (oxide) chemical reaction, so that it is dissolved in the acid, in addition to acid and metal produced hydrogen sensitive to make the oxide skin off the machinery. Disadvantages: chemical immersion method to soak the workpiece in the solution, so for some large structures, equipment rust removal, can not use this method; May corrode metal substrates.

Compared with the traditional method of rust removal, laser cleaning processing efficiency is high, the effect is good, do not hurt the substrate, and become a new force in the favorite of metal rust removal.


Laser rust removal technology also works on a simple principle, When laser on the iron filings instant vaporization, and form a plasma from after, because of the lower metal high light reflectivity, therefore have rust removal Despite the laser will no longer be damaged, so this way of laser cleaning is effective and safe, and even the letters on the surface of the parts, bolts that nook and cranny I can clean up.

Chinese laborers laser launch of the laser cleaning machine is a new generation of surface cleaning of high-tech products, there are easy to control, easy to integrated automation, no chemical reagent, can joint surface cleaning, high washing cleanliness, precision higher advantages, environmental protection, safe and reliable, almost no damage base material surface, can solve many problems that traditional cleaning.

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