High power laser cutting machine, the preferred alternative to plasma cutting

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High power laser cutting machine, the preferred alternative to plasma cutting

High power laser cutting machine, laser marking and laser welding laser processing technology known as the troika, laser in recent years in the industrial field is more mature and extensive application. Laser cutting in industrial laser equipment accounted for the largest proportion, in 2019 in China's industrial laser equipment accounted for 39%. The popularity of high power laser cutting machine, laser cutting equipment continues to break through the thickness limit.

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Before 2015, the production and sales of high-power lasers in China are low, and the thickness of laser cutting is limited in the application for a long time.

Traditionally, it is believed that flame cutting can cut the widest range of plate thickness, the speed advantage is obvious above 50mm, suitable for thick plate and extra-thick plate processing with low precision requirements; Plasma cutting has obvious speed advantage in the range of 30-50mm, which is not suitable for processing special thin plate (< 2mm); And laser cutting using kilowatt laser, speed and accuracy in the following 10mm obvious advantages; Mechanical punch is between plasma and laser cutting.

In recent years, with the gradual popularity of high power lasers, laser cutting equipment began to gradually penetrate into the thick plate market. The laser power to 6 kW, with high cost performance continue to replace the mechanical punch.

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CNC punch press price is lower than that of laser cutting machine, but the quality of laser cutting machine cutting is higher, and diluted fixed costs can with high production efficiency, save materials, artificial cost through indicates rate, and no subsequent straightening, polishing, etc., the post-processing process, in order to offset the high cost of investment, the investment return period was significantly better than that of mechanical press.

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Effective performance and price substitution, laser cutting equipment to accelerate the cannibalization of the traditional cutting market.

In 2013, the sales volume of metal cutting machine tools in China was 729,000 units, while the sales volume of laser cutting equipment was only 0.2700 units in the same year. During the six years, the sales of metal cutting machine tools showed a downward trend, while the growth of laser cutting equipment accelerated.

Sales of metal-cutting machines fell to 446,000 by 2020, while sales of laser-cutting equipment rose to 55,000. The ratio of metal cutting machine sales to laser cutting equipment fell rapidly from 270 in 2013 to 8 in 2020.

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With the increase in power, the cutting thickness and efficiency of the equipment increase simultaneously, opening the alternative to plasma cutting.

The 20,000-watt laser cutting machine breaks through the optimal cutting thickness of carbon steel and stainless steel to 50mm and 40mm respectively.

Considering the general according to the thickness of the plate is divided into sheet (< 4 mm), medium plate (4-20 mm), plate (20 to 60 mm), plate (> 60 mm), all class equipment has been able to finish for the most part for thin plate and thick plate cutting, laser cutting equipment application scenario for the constantly to the field of medium plate, plasma cutting thickness range.

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In addition to improving the upper limit of cutting material thickness, laser cutting than plasma cutting slit is narrower, higher flatness, cutting quality has been improved.

On the other hand, the high power of laser also makes the cutting efficiency improve. For example, 50mm carbon steel cutting, 30 thousand watts laser cutting machine efficiency than 20 thousand watts cutting machine efficiency can improve 88%. High power laser equipment has opened the plasma replacement, will accelerate the replacement plasma cutting market in the future, creating continued growth momentum.

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Recommended machine: Wind series high power fiber metal laser cutting machine, adopts automatic eagle eye identification technology, integrates high hardness aluminum beam, automatic lifting and switching system, frequency conversion and zoom intelligent cutting technology, high torque servo motor bilateral drive system, etc., high efficiency and high stability.

This is all about the high power laser cutting machine, replacing the preferred plasma cutting. Welcome to DURMAPRESS for consultation. The product line is rich and will meet your equipment needs.

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