High speed punch crankshaft head wear serious and uneven how to solve?

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High speed punch crankshaft head wear serious and uneven how to solve?

High speed punch crankshaft head wear serious and uneven how to solve?

Wear analysis of crankshaft head of high-speed punch press:

The crankshaft head of a high-speed punch in an enterprise is seriously worn. The high-speed punch is a continuous high-speed stamping equipment, mainly stamping motor core, with a high working frequency. The head position of crankshaft is equipped with gear and transmits torque force through keyway. The gear and inner gear ring engage to realize transmission and braking action, so the torque force borne by this part is very large and accompanied by impact.


Analysis of wear causes of crankshaft head of high-speed punch press:

Continuous stamping equipment, this equipment belong to the flywheel moment of inertia is larger in the operation, the gear ring caused by the torque force and braking when the impact is bigger, so the brake disc ring gear and gear cause tooth phenomenon, at the same time with the gear and the diameter of axle is to rely on flat key transmission torque, impact and the two sides to the impact of frequent cases article key rolling key cause keyway wear wider, Continued operation eventually resulted in failure to transmit the corresponding torque force, which is a common problem with this type of equipment.

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punch 2 crankshaft head wear repair process:

The enterprise has also had wear problems on the crankshaft head of high-speed punch press before, but the wear is not so serious, and the enterprise adopts the way of on-site repair welding and grinding to simply repair and then reinstall the use. After the disassembly, it was found that the shaft head of high-speed punch crankshaft was worn very seriously and unevenly, and the traditional repair process could not effectively solve the problem. Enterprise equipment management personnel to understand through the network to communicate with our engineer after we sauvy technology, through the feedback of the wear conditions and equipment running status determine our technology may be used for field repair, our technology for bearing abrasion wear and bearing housing repair repair unilateral thickness without strict requirements, and can completely repair at the scene, There is no need to do secondary processing on the repaired surface, and the repair process will not affect the material and structure of the shaft itself, which is safe and reliable.

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