How about the function of DURMAPRESS plastic laser welding machine?

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How about the function of DURMAPRESS plastic laser welding machine?

In the field of electrical engineering and medical equipment, plastic laser welding machine technology is widely used by leaps and bounds, and tens of thousands of professionals directly applied to the human body for treatment and diagnostic procedures, as well as the manufacture of medical equipment. Of course, the high reliability and powerful functional laser system also has a good application in the connection of plastic medical device components.


So, how functional are these plastic laser welding devices? How does it work?

Plastic equipment is the ideal material for many manufacturing industries: they are easy to shape, easy to clean, light weight, high temperature sterilization and other high-quality characteristics are very suitable for many fields of use. Until now, the common ways of joining two injection-molded plastic parts have been chemical reactions, thermal effects, or mechanical techniques, depending on the later application of the product and the different requirements for visual aesthetics. However, connecting plastic parts in harsh or sensitive conditions is a huge challenge. Due to the influence of various factors, the nature of the surrounding materials may change, when the quality of the plastic parts connection requirements are very high, the joint must be very strong and clean, no dust and chemical substances, plastic laser welding technology advantage is very prominent. Plastic laser welding technology with high reliability, high speed, high precision and flexible processing, weld beautiful many advantages, seize most of the plastic device processing application market, is an important processing method in the field of medical engineering.

Plastic laser welding principle is particularly simple, beam through the upper pervious to light material, to the lower surface of the material suction light, laser light energy into heat energy, make its surface melting, heat conduction way also at the same time, from the bottom to its upper transmission of pressure to the contact surface of workpiece, the melt, so as to realize laser hot melt welding. This point in the welding process through a variety of quality control methods have been massively verified. When the narrow weld cools, it becomes consistent with the strength of the material itself.

Laser welding of plastics produces welds of almost the same strength as the material itself without debris or dust, without the introduction of any chemicals or other additives. The whole process is clean. Welds from a few tenths of a millimeter to a few millimeters and good sealing. Especially when the need for fine, beautiful weld structure, plastic laser welding is undoubtedly the most ideal technology.

For example, welding the housing of electronic components such as insulin units or pacemakers. Cylindrical parts of catheters or pins can also be welded with laser precision and reliability, as can cartridges and microfluidics used in diagnostic procedures. Another advantage is that the welds are biocompatible with the material itself. The individual parts of plastic valves that withstand high pressure can also be laser-welded well and stably. Based on numerical control and precise laser beams, the system can easily weld any geometry.

Due to the uniqueness of the use of medical devices, their production requires more precision. Medical devices are usually sterile and cannot contain any chemical substances doping in them, while the traditional way of using viscose water may bring chemical substances into the analytical instrument, thus affecting the accuracy. Friction welding and other welding methods will produce dust or overflow in the process of processing, which will also pollute the instrument. Compared with other commonly used welding technologies, plastic laser welding technology produces almost no welding slag and debris, and does not need to add any adhesive in the welding process, so the whole welding work can be completed in the clean room. The addition of plastic laser welding technology has greatly promoted the development of medical equipment.

The advantages of plastic laser welding technology itself is the preferred process for joining plastic parts in the precision field. Clean, burn-free, strong and reliable plastic parts are welded without changing material properties during production. Because of the wide variety of welding processes available, the technology can be used to process a wide range of products, from narrow conduits to pressure valves to large electronic device enclosures. Full traceability ensures high reliability of the manufacturing process, making plastic laser welding the preferred bonding technique for many applications in medical engineering.

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