How about the performance of CNC bending machine

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How about the performance of CNC bending machine

In order to achieve the effect of efficient bending thin plate, numerical control bending machine was born. This kind of equipment can not only process the workpiece with side wall, but also very easy to operate. As far as the processing effect is concerned, it mainly relies on the following aspects of performance:

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1, high precision, high speed and high efficiency

Efficiency and quality are the key performance indexes of advanced manufacturing technology, and are the main body of advanced manufacturing technology. If the high speed CPU chip, RISC chip, multi-CPU control system, high resolution detection components, AC digital servo system, supporting motorized spindle, linear motor and other technologies can greatly improve the efficiency, improve the quality and grade of products, shorten the production cycle and improve the market competitiveness. In the next few years, ultra-precision CNC bending machine punch is to precision, high-speed, intelligent and nano development, confluence into a new generation of CNC bending machine tools.

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2. Flexibility

Numerical control bending machine system adopts the new generation modular design, the function coverage is wider, the reliability is stronger, can meet the needs of different users. The same teamwork control system can automatically adjust the information flow dynamically according to different production processes, and play the functions of the teamwork control system.

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3. Multi-axis

Multi-axis linkage processing, parts in a CNC bending machine tool once clamping, can be automatically changed, rotating spindle head, rotating table and other operations, complete multi-process, multi-surface composite processing, not only high finish, but also greatly improved efficiency.

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4. Open software and hardware

Users can according to their own needs, numerical control bending machine system software for secondary development, the scope of use of users is no longer restricted by manufacturers.

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5. Intelligent

In the field of NC bending machine technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control are developing along: adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feedforward control and so on. Such as programming expert system fault diagnosis expert system, when the system out of fault, diagnosis, maintenance and other intelligent.

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