How can we reduce the thermal deformation of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine?

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How can we reduce the thermal deformation of 1kw fiber laser cutting machine?

Now many users in the process of using 1kw fiber laser cutting machinee will encounter thermal deformation, this time if we can not be a good solution may affect the normal life, so we all hope that there are some ways to reduce its thermal deformation. The following article is xiaobian for everyone to share the content:

Customers who often deal with cutting machines often encounter the problem of laser cutting machine thermal deformation, CNC flame or plasma cutting machine, it is completely different. Regardless of nc flame cutting or plasma cutting, the width of the cutting mouth is affected by a variety of factors such as the cutting mouth. No matter how high the precision of the equipment itself is, the precision error of the parts cut by strals is generally about +0.5mm, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the equipment itself.

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Even the laser cutting machine imported with millions of dollars can only be so. So how to solve it? First of all, I would like to say that this situation is unavoidable, thermal cutting will certainly emit heat, can only say to reduce the occurrence of this situation, the following three steps to reduce the laser cutting machine cutting thermal deformation.

1. After controlling temperature rise and adopting a series of measures to reduce heat source, the situation of thermal deformation will be improved. The more effective method is to force cooling in the fever part of the CNC plasma cutting machine tool, but also in the low temperature part of the machine tool] by heating the method, so that the temperature of each point of the machine tool tends to be consistent, so that the warpage deformation caused by the temperature difference can be reduced.

But to eliminate this problem completely is very difficult, so only by controlling the temperature rise to reduce the influence of the heat source. Because of left-right symmetry, the main axis of the double-column mechanism after heating has little deformation except vertical translation, while the axis movement in the sleeping direction can be conveniently compensated by a coordinate correction.

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Two, improve the machine tool mechanism, under the same premise of fever, machine tool mechanism has a great impact on thermal deformation. In the structure should be as far as possible to reduce the spindle center and spindle to the ground interval, in order to reduce the total amount of thermal deformation, at the same time should make the spindle box before and after the temperature rise, avoid the rabbit spindle deformation after the tilt. This minimizes the effect of thermal deformation on machining diameter.

3. The heat source of thermal deformation caused by fever in the machine tool should be separated from the main machine. The thermal deformation of the shaft occurs in the vertical direction of the cutting tool. On. If numerical control machine tool used in the past single column mechanism may be replaced by a double column mechanism.

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We should know more about this aspect, standardize the operation and reduce the possible influence of thermal deformation. Numerical control flame cutting machine as thermal cutting equipment, in the frequent use of processing, may be due to the change of temperature caused by structural deformation.

Generally, as long as the operation in accordance with the content of the above article can reduce the phenomenon of laser cutting machine thermal deformation, and then do not worry too much.


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