How to avoid the shear error of the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine?

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How to avoid the shear error of the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine?

The hydraulic shearing machine price is a sheet metal processing machine, and there will be certain errors in the machine. So what causes the error in the process of the sheet metal processing of the gate shear, how can the error be reduced as much as possible?

   1. The accuracy of the cnc guillotine shearing m c itself: We think that this usually refers to the mechanical accuracy of the cut, which is the difference between the actual value and the theoretical value. The direct cause of this difference is the hysteresis and straightness and perpendicularity. The range of this difference should be within 0.005~0.02mm. This value can be measured and adjusted. As far as the structure of today's machine tools is concerned, it is easy to keep this error value below 0.02, but below 0.005. It is very difficult.

   2. Material deformation: As long as you have good operating habits, you need to rehearse after calculation, verify after input, zero calibration before starting, and check the handwheel scale. I am not wrong, and I should be fully sure that the CNC shearing machine is not wrong. The rest is the deformation, but the cause of the deformation and the way to overcome it must be carefully considered.

  3. Miscalculation: This is a human cause, which can be verified, proved, and discovered early. Premature rounding in the middle of calculation, repeated use of an irrational number with insufficient number of digits (such as multi-tooth shape), the decimation angle system is confused with the degree minute system, etc.

   4. Control errors: The frequency of occurrence is very small, because the current hydraulic shearing machine price tool control system is tried and tested, and the technology is mature. It will refuse to accept man-made errors, and it can also be verified or zero-checked before processing. It can also be found by checking the accumulated error due to multiple rotations and translations to zero.

   So we must first choose high-quality durma shearing machine for sale, choose high-quality sheet materials, and select excellent personnel to ensure the machining accuracy of the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine.

  Hydraulic Metal Sheet Shears are generally used for direct shearing of various metal materials according to differences. They are used in steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, container manufacturing, switch appliances, rigid manufacturing, and light industry.

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