How to better apply the NUMERICAL control hydraulic pendulum shearing machine

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How to better apply the NUMERICAL control hydraulic pendulum shearing machine

Hydraulic brake type shearing machine, it is a kind of shearing machine, is used in the mechanical processing, so it is necessary for us to know something about it, so that when we encounter this kind of machine to good use, not a hindrance, below, is divided into several parts of hydraulic brake type shearing machine, for the adjustment of the machine, hydraulic system maintenance and matters needing attention.


1. NUMERICAL control hydraulic pendulum shearing machine Machine adjustment

(1) If you want to adjust the blade clearance value, then as long as you press the adjustment button on the machine panel, it should be adjusted according to the thickness of the shear plate.

(2) Press the shear Angle adjustment button on the panel, you can adjust the shear Angle, mainly to adjust the size of the Angle.

(3) In the case of the same clearance at the left and right ends, adjust the top pull screw of the lower knife seat, you can adjust the uniformity of the blade gap.

2. Maintenance of hydraulic system

Tube 2

(1) Hydraulic circuit

Check the oil level of the tank regularly. If the oil level is below the middle line of the oil standard, it should be replenished.

When the machine is in use for 500 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once, and then every 2000 hours, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once.

The hydraulic oil used must conform to the standard and the tank must be thoroughly cleaned each time the oil is changed.

(2) the oil filter

It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning, can use gasoline or trichloroethylene solution. When the machine is used for the first time, it should be cleaned after 8 days and after 30 days. In addition, if the oil filter component is seriously damaged, it can not continue to use, should be replaced immediately.


(3) Inspection of mechanical parts

For all fasteners, should be checked once a week, mainly to see whether there is loose, but also to see the lubrication wear situation, if there is abnormal, should be dealt with in time, good treatment can continue to use.

3. Precautions


(1) Operators should be familiar with the structure, principle and performance of the machine. If there are many people operating at the same time, there should be special personnel responsible for command to avoid accidents.

(2) When the machine is working, it is forbidden to put your hand between the upper and lower edges.

(3) There should be no sundries or tools on the working table to avoid rolling into the cutting edge and damaging the machine.

(4) Check all parts of the machine regularly, keep the working area clean, and the insulation performance of the wire should be good.

(5) When the machine is used for the first time, after 25 hours of work, the nut at the pipe joint should be tightened again, and then screwed once every 200 hours, so as to prevent oil leakage of the machine.

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