How to choose economical and practical plasma cutting machine dust collector

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How to choose economical and practical plasma cutting machine dust collector

Environmental protection equipment is essential for workshops and factories that produce pollutants. If waste gas or waste water is produced, it must be necessary to install the corresponding treatment facilities, otherwise it will not pass the EIA.

The dust and particulate matter is more common air pollutants, many plants installed cutting machine, welding machine, grinding equipment, will produce dust and particulate matter, bad governance is not only the environmental impact assessment but also affect the health of workers.

As such a key link in the construction of the whole new plant, the choice of dust removal equipment has become particularly key, then in the purchase of plasma cutting machine dust collector, how to judge the effect of dust removal? Here are a few things to start with.


1. Whether the design scheme is professional plasma cutting machine

Professional dust removal equipment manufacturing brand, will certainly have their own professional engineer team, in each project before the start of the technical department with the customer for many times to communicate, and finally provide a set of suitable dust removal scheme.

Including the collection method, pipeline layout, material of equipment, the selection of filter filter precision, and the service life of the filter barrel, whether the emission concentration of dust after treatment can reach the emission standard.

And an experienced engineer, can timely according to the needs of customers, provide a variety of solutions, and can ensure the dust collector.

2. Whether the after-sales service is perfect

First of all, we should know that if it is a customized plasma cutting machine dust removal system, it is necessary to determine the dust removal effect after installation, so for those who put forward the dust removal effect 100% guarantee brand.

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It is necessary to check whether they have perfect after-sales service. If they can provide follow-up rectification services, follow-up quality assurance and warranty period of dust removal equipment in time, the dust removal effect can be guaranteed.

3. Is it cost-effective

In the purchase of equipment, many manufacturers will pay attention to the cost of investment, etc. At present, there are a lot of dust removal equipment brands on the market, if you want to be economical, there are still many choices.

However, a high quality plasma cutting machine dust collector design, manufacturing and other links, are to invest in the cost, there will not be too low price.

Therefore, the choice of equipment should not only look at the price, but also look at the cost performance. If it is a relatively low price of equipment, but the dust removal effect has problems, then the investment in follow-up rectification and maintenance will not be less.


In this way, it seems that the gain outweighs the loss. It is better to directly purchase a quality guaranteed equipment, and the subsequent manufacturers will be much more convenient in the maintenance of environmental protection equipment.

That you manufacturers in the purchase of equipment before how to judge the effect of plasma cutting machine dust collector is good, you can start from these aspects, and finally can choose an efficient dust collector.


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