How to choose NC Press Brake ?

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How to choose NC Press Brake ?

First, let's talk about ordinary Press Brakes, that is, non-CNC Press Brakes, usually we call them ordinary NC Press Brake machines. General Hydraulic Press Brakes manufacturers can produce all kinds of CNC Press Brakes, but the quality of ordinary machines can best represent the ingenuity of an enterprise. 

1 Market share of equipment. In the Internet era, when you need a product, there will be many manufacturers selling your products to you, constantly bragging about yourself, and degrading others. But are these persuasive? At this time, the most convincing is the market share. In your industry, you can basically know which machine you use more, which machine is more convenient to use, and which machine is basically Daddy, the user's reputation is very important, because they are the frontline people and the most direct contact with the product. You must listen to their opinions. 

2 The scale of the enterprise, which directly affects the after-sales, you can't expect a small enterprise with only a dozen employees to bring you immediate after-sales. A formal enterprise and a healthy enterprise have a clear division of labor. Only in the enterprise can you believe in products that bring you trust. How to measure the size of an enterprise? In general, I advise customers to visit the factory directly. The enterprise is not regular and the production is very busy. 

3 The two points mentioned above are general and do not directly relate to the machine. Next we will talk about the quality of the CNC Press Brake for Sales. When you don't know much about a Press Brake, how do we compare it? The first is the volume and weight of the machine. The main consumable used by a machine is steel. Machines with advantages in volume and weight are generally lighter and stronger, and the quality is better. The second is accuracy. To understand the accuracy of a machine, it is best to take your processed parts and try them on the factory NC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine, but generally there is no such condition. What affects the accuracy of the machine is the back gauge, the strength of the riser, and the mold. The rear stopper is still driven by a chain, so there is no accuracy. The beam is made of aluminum and looks good. The plate deforms after a few hits. There are also screw rods and guide rails. Now the capable enterprises are equipped with ball screw rods and linear guide rails. The strength of the riser is directly related to the thickness of the riser 

4 Now let's talk about the mold. If you compare a  NC Hydraulic Press Brakes to a soldier, the mold is the soldier’s weapon. If the weapon is not good, you can’t do anything else. How is the quality of the mold different? The first is the material, 42CrMo is currently a very good material for Press Brake molds, and other materials such as Cr6W2Si are also good. For materials, the average user can't distinguish it within a period of time. There are also general molds that are high-frequency quenching, that is, heat treatment is performed on the blade, and good factories are all heat-treated. This mold has another feature that there is a hole in the mold, which is an obvious feature of whole-body heat treatment. . The production cost of whole body heat treatment is much higher than that of knife edge heat treatment. The first time I posted on Zhihu, I hope it is useful. Next, I will try to post a guide for CNC Press Brakes. The information about these machine tools is almost the most popularized by manufacturers on the Internet. I hope to build a platform where everyone can speak freely. After all, this is a win-win society.

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