How to choose shock absorbers for hydraulic press brake machine

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How to choose shock absorbers for hydraulic press brake machine

As we all know, hydraulic press brake machine is a very important equipment, and the shock absorber used by CNC bending machine, also has certain configuration requirements.

First of all, try to choose a higher damping effect of the shock absorber. Because the vibration frequency in the whole process of bending machine sheet metal bending is large, it is necessary to choose a low frequency shock absorber, which is good for maintaining the stability of the machine and equipment. If the shock absorber with too large frequency is likely to cause the co-vibration of the two, it is unable to get a good damping effect.

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Next, xiaobian teaches you how to choose shock absorbers for CNC bending machine:

First, CNC bending machine to choose a damping effect is good. Because the impact force of the bending machine is relatively large, so in the selection of shock absorber should choose to bear that impact force, and the actual effect of shock absorption should be more appropriate to achieve 20% to 80%.

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Second, preferentially choose the shock absorber with hydraulic damper. Because the speed of the bending machine is very fast in the work is dozens of times or even more than a hundred of the general high speed punch speed stamping die caused by the vibration, will cause co-vibration. As we all know, long-term co-seismic damage is very large. It will not only lead to destruction of your industrial building, but also strong vibration will cause serious harm to your machine and equipment itself and the service life of abrasive tools.

Three, CNC bending machine to use the shock absorber itself, of course, the lower frequency of the shock absorber in 3Hz as the standard, because the machine equipment in the case of high speed running water pump flywheel speed is very fast. Generally can do more than 500 revolutions, or even faster.

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For CNC bending machine, the adjustment of the pressure is very important, so, how to adjust the pressure of CNC bending machine? Please see the following small series about this problem:

CNC bending machine pressure adjustment mainly from two levels:

One is that the pressure of the bending machine is calculated based on the tensile compressive strength of the plate. If you have different board characteristics, although the calculation is the same, but the specific force is of course not the same. If the external elements are the same, only the problem of the bending machine can be adjusted according to two places. One is to adjust the compressive strength of the plate in the system software, and the other is to adjust the DA value in the system configuration. This kind of problem is not necessarily completely abnormal, in the long stage of overload work, or the external switching power supply is unstable, or the sliding friction of CNC bending machine will cause this situation, we must pay attention to more maintenance.

This issue is the main content of these, to adjust the pressure of CNC bending machine. Follow the above method, everyone remember!

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