How to choose the CNC system of 3200 CNC Press Brake

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How to choose the CNC system of 3200 CNC Press Brake

With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, more and more manufacturers choose to purchase sheet metal equipment with automatic intelligent CNC systems such as 3200 CNC Press Brake and CNC shears. Different CNC systems are suitable for the production of products of different standards, and the prices vary greatly. Therefore, for manufacturers, the correct choice of CNC system can effectively help mass production of products.

Numerical control system can be divided into digital control and computer digital control. In the numerical control system of the bending machine, the digital control generally means that the manufacturer has already programmed the program in the production of the system, and the purchaser cannot modify the programmed program. Computer digital control means that the purchaser can edit the program by himself and modify the program according to the actual operation requirements before bending. Compared with digital control systems, computer digital control systems are more convenient. In short, the NC digital control system is the first generation product of the CNC system, and the CNC computer digital control system is the upgraded version of the CNC system.


Press Brake CT8 CNC Controller is also a kind of numerical control system, and sometimes there will be some failures. The following are some of the problems that hydraulic bending opportunities occur:

Fault 1: There is no pressure in the hydraulic system.

1. Whether the solenoid coil of the proportional relief valve is energized and whether the voltage of the proportional solenoid coil meets the requirements. For the above reasons, please check the related electrical reasons.

2. Check whether the cartridge valve is stuck or the main valve core is stuck, and the damping orifice is blocked. If it is for the above reasons, please disassemble the overflow valve, clean it, and reinstall it.

3. Phase adjustment of the three-phase power supply causes the motor to reverse.

Fault 2: The slider rotates quickly and slowly, and the time pauses too long.

1. Check whether the oil level of the fuel tank is too low and the filling port is not flooded. When fast forwarding, the upper cavity of the cylinder is filled with liquid, causing insufficient filling. For the above reasons, add oil from the tank to more than 5mm above the filling port so that the filling hole is completely flooded.

2. Check whether the fast forward speed is too fast, causing insufficient filling. For the above reasons, the fast forward speed can be reduced by modifying the system parameters.

3. Check whether the filling valve is fully opened. If it is due to oil contamination, the spool of the filling valve is not active or jammed, causing insufficient filling.


Fault3: The slider return is normal, the fast forward is normal, the manual cannot move down slowly, and the folding board is weak.

1. Check whether the "two-position four-way" reversing valve that controls the filling control oil circuit is working properly. If it is, the filling valve is not closed, so that the upper chamber communicates with the filling port of the fuel tank and cannot build pressure. The reason that the valve cannot work normally is that it is not powered on or is stuck.

2. Check if the filling valve is stuck. If so, please clean the filling valve and reinstall it.

Fault 4: The return speed of the slider is too slow, and the return pressure is high. This type of fault is mainly caused by the failure of the filling valve. This phenomenon is just the opposite of the above-mentioned fault three. It can be dealt with by referring to the fault three solution.

1. Adopting the special WC67K  Press Brake system of DA52 from Delem Company of The Netherlands and electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve from BOSCH company of Germany, the system operates stability and is highly precise in production.The closed loop control system, which is composed of CNC grating ruler, electro-hydraulic proportional valve and electronic amplifier for valve, accurately detects and controls the relative position and synchronous precision of the slide block and the working table, keeps the slide block running synchronously, and ensures the bending depth and bending Angle.

2. Integral steel plate welded structure, thick frame, high rigidity, strong shock absorption;

3. The mechanical structure of the machine is mainly composed of a frame, a working table, a slider, a main oil cylinder and a rear stopper, etc.Perfect design and manufacturing process can effectively ensure the manufacturing and use precision of machine tools.


Manufacturing process flow of main structural parts (interspersed with process inspection) :

Plate warehousing → physical and chemical inspection → plate pretreatment (grinding and derusting) → CNC flame cutting blanking → cutting and processing each welding joint surface → welding resistance → gas protection welding → vibration aging treatment → large floor boring and milling machine and other mechanical processing procedures → assembly of finished products;

4. Up-moving bending design, stable work, easy to operate, complete;

5. The frame, slider, workbench and other main parts of the machine are made of CNC large floor boring and milling machine with one-time clamping finishing, which ensures the geometric accuracy requirements of the host;

6. The guide rail of the machine tool adopts advanced self-lubricating material, which does not need regular lubrication maintenance;

7. The design rigidity of the working table, column, beam and slide block is high, the deformation of the working table and slide block is small when bending, and the workpiece has good straightness and consistency of Angle;

8. The slider has the function of calendering at the BDC to ensure the accuracy of working parts.

9. Adopts duplex structure, electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve synchronization (Y1, Y2), electro-hydraulic proportional servo system is a kind of position control system, the machine of partial cutting resistance is very strong, it can dynamically detected by grating slider position error, the electro-hydraulic proportional valve control change two oil cylinder movement speed, and then correct the synchronization error of sliding block;

10. The hydraulic system adopts the original Electro-hydraulic proportional hydraulic system from Germany, with simple and concentrated pipelines;


WC67K CNC Press Brake Features

· The entire EU streamlined design, heat treatment frame, high rigidity workbench, optional 

mechanical compensation device for precise bending. 

· Hydraulic synchronization control and CNC programmable logic controller ensure precise 

repeatability and ease of use. 

· The integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth, Germany) can quickly and automatically 

switch to a slow bend. 

· The X-axis and Y-axis are programmed by the CNC CT8 system to achieve accurate 

positioning of the inverter. 

· Advanced variable frequency hydraulic control technology, with more stable, and more 

reliable operation. 

· The optimal parameter ratio and optimal core configuration ensure stable performance and 

convenient operation. 

· WC67K series press brake equipped with standard single-axis backgauge system (X-axis) and 

single-axis bending angle system (Y-axis), you can choose to add V-axis compensation 

function, and select the appropriate mold to easily bend the workpiece with complex shapes

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