How to choose the core parts of cnc metal cutting fiber laser cutting machine?

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How to choose the core parts of cnc metal cutting fiber laser cutting machine?

Cnc metal cutting fiber laser cutting machine with its high speed, high precision cutting metal material advantage, has become many industries indispensable metal processing equipment. A metal cutting fiber laser cutting machine has complex structure and many accessories, and its technical advantages are also reflected by its sophisticated accessories. The use of different accessories, the performance of the laser cutting machine is very large, then, how to choose the core accessories?

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The core accessories of fiber laser cutting machine generally include: fiber laser, servo motor, control system, cutting head, laser lens, etc.

Fiber laser

Equipped with the heart of the laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is the most core accessories. The quality of fiber laser directly affects the cutting performance and cutting quality of laser cutting machine. At present, the well-known fiber lasers in the world include German IPG laser and British SPI laser. Compared with other brands of lasers, they have the characteristics of high cutting quality, good stability, long service life and low maintenance cost. Generally used in more high-end laser cutting machine.

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Servo motor

Servo motor plays a role in controlling the movement of mechanical components in the servo system. High-quality servo motor can effectively guarantee the cutting precision, positioning speed and repeated positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

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Control system

The control system is equivalent to the brain of the fiber laser cutting machine, controlling the movement of the machine tool in the direction of X/Y/Z axis, and controlling the output power of the laser. Better operating system, friendly interface, easy to operate, multifunctional combination, directly affect the use of fiber laser cutting machine performance.

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Cutting head

The cutting head is the output device of the fiber laser cutting machine, which is composed of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focusing tracking system. Under the control of the control system and the movement of the machine tool, the nozzle grinding and cutting track walks to achieve the cutting of metal materials.

For different materials, different thickness of metal, cutting head height is not the same, the need to control the system for parameter Settings, in order to ensure effective cutting.

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The laser lens

Laser lens in the laser system occupies a very important position, he is related to the size of the laser cutting machine power. The price difference between domestic and imported lens is very large, the service life and the effect is also very large, can be selected according to the different requirements of laser cutting quality.

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Reflecting lens: In a typical laser system, there may be only one or two transmitted optical elements, usually used as the output mirror of the laser cavity and the focusing lens at the end. On the other hand, in some other laser systems, there may be five or more reflective lenses. Reflective lenses are used as tailmirrors and reflectors in laser caviaries and for beam steering in beam transmission systems.

Beam enlargement lens: Beam enlargement lens is a lens assembly that can change the diameter and divergence Angle of the laser beam.

Protective lens: the main function of laser protective lens is to block the splashing of debris and prevent the splashing from damaging the lens. Both sides are coated with anti-reflection film with high damage threshold to reduce reflection. (The replacement period of these lenses is usually about 3 months, which depends more on the actual processing situation).

Copper nozzle: it can assist the gas to eject quickly, and can effectively prevent the sundry objects such as melting stains from rebounding upward, thus protecting the focusing mirror. At the same time, it can control the gas diffusion area and size, which will affect the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine. At the same time, the size of the nozzle aperture will be different according to the thickness of the cutting material. Its replacement cycle is about two months.

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