How to control the laser best cutting machine cutting torch?

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How to control the laser best cutting machine cutting torch?

Users often neglect to adjust the cutting torch when using the Best Laser cutting machine in 2021, which often leads to problems in the later use of the real cutting torch adjustment is not very complicated.If you want to know how to adjust the torch of the laser cutting machine, you can take a look at the article below for details.

In affect the machining quality of laser cutting machine, several important parameters, the cutting torch height and evidently fire treatment is of great significance, in the past we have to deal with a lot of users processing quality defects in laser cutting machine, and ultimately more due to the above two factors above, then, in view of the laser cutting machine cutting torch control and adjust the fire treatment. What should I do?The following will give you a detailed answer:

First, laser cutting machine cutting torch control

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Laser cutting machine "up", "down" key used to adjust the height of the cutting torch.The key is loosened, and the cutting torch lifting stops.The function of the two keys, and the control cabinet panel on the "up". "down" key function is exactly the same.Automatic "button is used to test the automatic adjusting height of the cutting nozzle distance from the steel plate when entering the automatic adjusting control.

When the steel plate is placed at the appropriate position below the cutting torch, press the "auto" button, and the cutting torch will automatically rise or fall, and stop at an automatically raised height.At this point, adjust the "height adjustment" knob, and the height of the cutting torch will change.In this way, the cutting torch will be adjusted to an appropriate height. When the equipment enters automatic cutting, the control system will automatically adjust the height according to the distance between the cutting nozzle and the steel plate at this time.

When "Height Adjustment" is not suitable for adjusting the height range, it is necessary to adjust the "Lowest Height Adjustment" knob.At this point, first set the "Height Adjustment" knob to minimum, then adjust the "Minimum Height Adjustment" knob.And the distance between the sensing ring and the steel plate is about 10mm.

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During actual cutting, automatic and semi-automatic heightening control can be selected by the heightening control mode selection switch on the panel.When you start cutting, the system does not automatically adjust the height of the torch according to the steel plate, but the operator can adjust the height of the torch at any time according to the need through the "up" and "down" buttons on the control cabinet panel.

For the system equipped with automatic heightening device, the cutting torch shall be raised to a certain height before the system is preheated and cutting oxygen is made, so as to improve the life of the cutting nozzle and reduce the clogging of the cutting nozzle.

When there are multiple cutting torches and elevating devices, the "up" and "down" operation and automatic control of the cutting process shall be selected through the cutting torch selection button on the panel of the control cabinet.These keys are locked keys, which are selected when pressed;Press the key to bounce up and be revoked.When cutting, the tracking height of the sensing ring and the steel plate is generally selected at about 10mm.When the sensing ring is installed, it should be about 5mm higher than the end of the cutting mouth.

Two, laser cutting machine fire treatment

The energy of preheating flame affects the cutting speed and cutting quality seriously.The preheating flame is too weak to make the steel plate get enough energy, and is forced to reduce the cutting speed, and even cause the cutting process interruption;The preheating flame is too strong, the reaction heat generated by metal combustion increases, and the preheating ability of the cutting edge is strengthened, which will make the upper edge of the incision melt and collapse seriously, especially for cutting thick plates.The relationship between the strength of preheating flame and cutting speed is mutually restricted.With the increase of the thickness of the workpiece and the speed of cutting, the flame energy should also increase with the increase of the thickness of the plate.

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A normal flame has three distinct areas. The core has a sharp outline that is nearly cylindrical, and the end of the core is uniformly round and shiny.The reduction zone is outside the flame core and is dim.The outer flame is located outside the reduction zone and is a complete combustion zone.

Excess acetylene produces reduction flame, the flame core without obvious outline, the taste end has a green edge.The reduction area is unusually bright and almost mixes with the flame core.The outer flame is yellow.

Oxygen excess produces the oxide flame, the flame core is conical, the length is significantly shortened, the outline is not clear, the color is dim, the reduction area and the external flame is also significantly shortened, the flame is purple blue, the burning accompanied by sound, the temperature of the oxide flame is higher than the normal flame.The cutting quality of oxide flame is obviously deteriorated.

- After reading the introduction of the above article, we all know how to adjust the cutting torch of the laser cutting machine, and there should be timely maintenance of abnormal phenomena.

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