How to correctly deal with the fault of fiber laser welding machine

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How to correctly deal with the fault of fiber laser welding machine

At present, China's military fiber laser welding machine is one of the commonly used laser processing equipment. The development of fiber laser welding machine industry is getting better and better, and fiber laser welding machine is widely used in various industries, and because of its very good welding efficiency, laser welding is the use of high energy density laser beam as a heat source, so that the surface of the material is melted and solidified into a whole.

The size of heat affected area, weld aesthetic degree and welding efficiency are important indexes to judge the quality of welding process. Therefore, automatic laser welding machine has replaced the traditional laser welding machine, and is deeply loved by the majority of users. However, some users do not have a good grasp of the laser welding machine related knowledge points, so there is no correct operation of the laser welding machine, so greatly reduce the efficiency of the laser welding machine, and sometimes even let the fiber laser welding machine can not be used normally.

1. The protective air is too open

[Treatment: Adjust the flow of protective gas]

2. Focus lens is damaged or contaminated

Solution: Replace or clean the focus lens and protective lens.

3. The laser is not output from the center of the copper nozzle below the focusing head

[Treatment: adjust the 45 degree reflective diaphragm to make the laser output from the center of the air nozzle]

4, the resonant cavity diaphragm of the laser is damaged or polluted

Solution: replace or clean the resonant cavity reflection diaphragm.

5. The light brake is not fully sprung

[Treatment: Check and add lubricating oil to the light brake connector, so that the connector can be mechanically smooth]

The life of the xenon lamp is up

Solution: Check and clean the old lamp or replace it with a new one.

7, cooling water pollution or long-term no replacement of cooling water

[Treatment method: Replace cooling water and clean uv glass tube and xenon lamp]

8. Defocus of the focusing mirror is too large

[Solution: Adjust the defocus amount to the position close to the focus (but there can be no splash)]

9. Laser offset of main optical path

[Treatment method: adjust the main optical path full reflection and half diaphragm, use image paper to check and adjust the circular spot]

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