How to deal with dust in the process of G1530H Fiber laser cutting

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How to deal with dust in the process of G1530H Fiber laser cutting

With the development of era, the traditional sheet metal and the shearing machine and press the I was replaced by the advanced laser cutting machine in slowly, G1530H Fiber laser cutting is more efficient, more autonomy and safety, the machining accuracy is greatly higher than that of traditional processing methods, but was not without his faults, laser cutting is because hot dissolving gold heavy plate is in the process of high pressure air to blow away also can produce a large amount of dust, the diameter of pollution within the range 2-10 um particles after breathing easily reach human of the throat, smaller diameter dust can even directly into the lungs,In the production and labor of long-term inhalation of this dust is easy to cause a kind of occupational disease of pneumoconiosis, with the public awareness of occupational health, environmental protection, laser cutting dust control has become an urgent technical issue to solve.


At present, laser cutting machine has two kinds of dust removal, the first is the exhaust system, the exhaust system as the name suggests is the dust particles through the exhaust fan exhaust into the atmosphere, this way although simple but does not fundamentally solve the problem of dust, and the pollution of the air environment is inevitable;The second way is to use filtration technology. Filter and dust removal equipment has appeared as early as in the 1970s, and it has the advantages of small size and high efficiency. However, because of its small equipment capacity, low filtration wind speed, it can not handle large air volume, and its application scope is narrow.Due to the appearance of new filter material and the improvement of dust removal equipment design, the application of filter core dust removal equipment in dust removal engineering is increasing gradually.The characteristics of filter element dust removal equipment are as follows:

1 in the filter material folding lattice use, arrangement density is large, dust removal equipment structure is compact, small volume, filter material performance requirements rigid;

2. The height of the filter element is small and easy to install.

3. Compared with the dust removal equipment of the same volume, the filtration area is relatively large, the filtration wind speed is small, and the resistance is not large;

4. The folding lattice of the filter material requires strict sealing at both ends, and there can be no leakage, otherwise it will reduce the effect.

Considering the soot characteristics: laser cutting laser cutting machine of dust particle size small, gas oil, star, its filter with high risk, filter filtration material itself must be better to use for a long time, the quality of the effect of the use of flame retardant filter material is a must, at the same time combined with reasonable filtration velocity, in addition to the six internal diversion distribution, effective pulse ash removal system, the reasonable selection of fan, etc., to ensure the long-term safe operation of the cutting dust filter.

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The development of the auto parts industry is closely related to the auto industry. With the continuous and stable development of the auto market in recent years, the global and Chinese auto production and sales are growing, and the market demand for auto parts products is increasing day by day.At present, the global and China's auto parts industry as a whole presents a benign upward trend.Thanks to the continuous increase of domestic auto production and sales, ownership and the globalization of parts procurement, China's auto parts industry has made great progress.

In Europe and the United States and other developed I industry countries, 50%~70% of the auto parts are completed by laser processing, of which, laser cutting machine is one of the main laser applications.Laser cutting machine in the domestic automobile manufacturing, auto parts processing process, on the efficiency and processing quality improvement has obtained remarkable results, and has also made a huge market effect.

Generally speaking, the automobile parts within 12mm carbon steel material, 10mm within the stainless steel material and other metal materials can be used laser cutting machine.Laser cutting machine cutting force, surface machining deformation: no tool wear, good adaptability to materials, whether simple or complex parts, can use laser rapid prototyping - time precision cutting: its narrow kerf width, good cutting quality, high automation degree, easy manipulation, low labor intensity, no pollution, which can realize automatic cutting layout, nesting, improved material utilization and low yield capital, economic benefit is good.






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